02 Mar 2012 Last updated at 06:59:59 GMT

Japan H2 scrap average prices surge for consecutive 3 weeks

TOKYO (Scrap Monster): The average prices of Japanese H2 scrap in Kanto, Central and Kansai region were at $30,640/ton in the fourth week of February, surging by $2,172/ton from a week earlier, soaring for consecutive three weeks.

Also, this is the first time that the H2 scrap average prices break $30,000/ton since the second week of last October.

Among them, the average price of H2 scrap in Kanto region was at $32,833/ton, increasing by &1,750/ton; that in Central region was at $30,520/ton, rising by $3,100/ton and that in Kansai region was at $28,567/ton, up by $1,667/ton, all compared to that in a week ago.

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