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15 Tidemore Avenue, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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About Yard

U-Pak is privately held, Canadian owned and operated with an independent board of directors. With over 100 vehicles, we currently service the Greater Toronto Area, from St. Catharine’s to Bowmanville.U-Pak Disposals transports all of the collected waste and recycling to the final destination site. We use Canadian Landfill disposal, thus eliminating the cross border dumping issues and gives our environmentally aware clients assurance that all materials are handled in Canada from “cradle to grave”.Within the waste and recycling industry new and exciting changes are always on the forefront of our business. We advance with new technologies which we then pass on to our customers, excelling ahead of our competitors.

  • One point of contact for multiple locations
  • Bundled service packages for waste, wood, paper, glass, metals, plastics, cardboard, grease rendering and organic / produce / bakery recycling
  • Quarterly volume reporting of various waste streams and suggested improvements to existing programs
  • Continual program monitoring to ensure compliance within the provincial recycling regulations
  • Skilled personnel to work with the staff or tenants to encourage higher levels of recycling
  • Rebate program for recyclables within 30 days
  • Scaled lift tickets of recyclables
  • Assistance in all aspects of the 3-R's (reduce, reuse and recycle) regulations compliance
  • Energy from waste treatment facilty capable of processing non-hazardous olid waste from municipal (MSW), industrial, commercial institutional (ICI) sources.

Mission Statement

Our mission at U-Pak is to provide our clients with an organized and efficient methodology for controlling and managing their waste and the environment around them.Using our Customer Engagement Model we will provide our clients with predictable, repeatable processes that consistently improve their return on Environmental Management.We will build on the strength of our employees and industry partnerships, creating tailored solutions that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, ourselves and Planet Earth. 

U-Pak Disposals and Recycling is a Value First Company.  U-Pak offers Value in our bundled service suite.  Value in all interaction and transation.  Value in your partnership with U-Pak begins with all our clients enjoying;

  • Increase communication speed - Ongoing monitoring of recycling legislation and ability to offer available disposal alternatives to landfills, such as material recycling facilities, composting and bioremediation.
  • Easier access to U-PAK organization and strengths of an innovative leader in the waste/materials collection, processing and disposal business.
  • Use of the newest technology available to excel past industry standards in service.
  • Develop long-term partnership for cost avoidance - Ability to reduce vendor base due to U-PAK’s service network.
  • Premier waste/recycling service network for cost containment and waste minimization.
  • Limit liability to disposal sites - Access to Canadian Landfills – Elimination of issues associated with cross Border Dumping.
  • Ability to bundle services and leverages volume purchasing power.
  • Multiple recyclable materials markets to ensure best prices for commodities.
  • Focus on cost avoidance through Recycle initiatives.
  • Proactive approach to controlling future complex waste handling issues.
  • Broad-based support in the areas of safety, engineering, transportation and environmental affairs.
  • Assistance with document preparation and maintenance for all federal, provincial and local regulatory agencies.
  • Environmental compliance with local, provincial and federal regulations, limiting liability issues.
  • Commitment to recycling and developing markets for commodities collected through commercial programs to ensure end-user quality standards and highest value for materials.

Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream RecycleAlthough the switch to single-stream generally decreases collection costs, different communities have experienced mixed results regarding the costs of processing resulting from the change. Single-stream collection can result in higher contamination rates of collected commodities, which in turn leads to lower revenues for lower-grade recyclable commodities and higher residue levels (more material that cannot be sold in recycling markets). A common issue with single-stream recycling is that the glass contaminates the paper materials.
U-Pak offers (1) Source Separated Recycle Program /(2) Co Mixed or (3) Single Stream programs for Collection to minimize the Processing Costs and Maximize the Revenue share for the valued commodities.

Single stream recycling refers to a system which all recycling commodities are stored in a recycling cart and collected in a recycling truck mixed together instead of being sorted by material type (newspaper, plastic, glass, aluminum, etc.) by the user and kept separate in the recycling truck. The mixed recyclables are then sorted by material type at a processing center before the individual commodities are sold to various industries that take those materials and make new products out of them.
What are the advantages to single stream recycling systems?

Single stream systems of recycling have several advantages over other systems of recycling:

  • the reduced sorting effort by residents means more people are willing to participate in the program and residents tend to recycle a greater percentage of their waste stream.
  • the lack of sorting causes residents to need less space in their home to store recyclables
  • single stream reduces collection costs because single compartment trucks are less expensive than multi-compartment trucks, crew can move faster without having to do any sorting at the truck, and single compartment trucks have a greater capacity than multi-compartment trucks
  • new materials can be added to the program without having to add additional compartments on the collection truck
  • Single stream systems of recycling have some Disadvantages over other systems of recycling:
  • higher contamination and therefore lower waste diversion rates to landfill
  • higher processing costs
  • lower revenue sharing

Waste Audits/Waste Reduction Workplans

Completion of a comprehensive waste reduction audit and the development of a workplan are the requirements for establishments over 90,000 square ft in Ontario. In accordance with the 3R’s Regulations, the workplan is to be updated at least annually. The focal priority of these audits and workplans are to achieve or exceed compliance with the Ministry of Environment regulations and devise ensure that materials in the waste stream can be source separated and diverted into recycle streams.
The government of Ontario has established a target to decrease the amount of waste going to disposal by at least 60% by the year 2008 compared to a base year of 2004, when Ontario’s diversion rate was 28%. Under Ontario Regulation 102/94, it is a requirement that designated organizations conduct an annual solid waste audit and devise a Waste Reduction Workplan. This waste audit is essentially a study of the solid wastes that are generated, going beyond simply measuring the quantity and composition of waste. The ultimate purpose is to identify the underlying reasons for this waste generation and to identify the factors that dictate how the waste is being managed.
The information from the waste audit is the basis for developing the Waste Reduction Workplan. The workplan addresses the 3R’s opportunities to be implemented following the 3R’s hierarchy, with reduction as first priority, followed by reuse, and then recycling.
Regulation 102/94 requires that the owner or operator of a designated establishment have in place a continuing Waste Reduction Program that makes the 3R’s a regular part of operations or doing business. Regulation 102/94 requires that all waste audits and waste reduction workplans be updated at least once a year. This will ensure that the audit and workplan are reasonably up-to-date. A business that experiences rapid growth or significant change in production processes may need to update its audit and workplan on a more frequent basis.
Large waste generators are required to establish source separation programs for designated waste materials. These designated materials represent large components of the waste stream that can be diverted from disposal. Measures must be taken to ensure that the collected source separated wastes are removed from the site and delivered to a municipal waste recycling site (as defined in Ontario Regulation 101/94) or another site with the capability to handle the source-separated waste.
As production increases and demand for environmental compliance also increases, managing these materials can become more of a challenge. A full waste reduction audit needs to be done to; reduce the wastes generated, reuse as much material as possible, and recycle where the other two may not be feasible. This is the 3R’s hierarchy.

Entering our 39th year in business, we take great pride in maintaining a high level of service to our customers, understanding and anticipating their needs. As such, we have designed our operation to accommodate your needs in an efficient and safe manner. 

  • Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Waste Material
  • Construction, Demolition & Roofing Material
  • Recycling Material (Fibres, Metals, Plastics, Wood, E-Waste)
  • 8 Acres of Paved Access
  • 38,000 Square Feet of Facility
  • Large Tipping Floors
  • In & Out Scales
  • Knowledgeable and Courteous Staff

Company Services
  • Newspaper Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
  • Auminum Recycling
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