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Strategic Materials, Inc-Vernon
16365 Park Ten Place, , Suite 200, Houston, Texas, United States

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About Yard

Bassichis was eventually purchased by Allwaste Recycling and we started to grow and develop new, innovative glass recycling techniques. During this time in our history, we also acquired a number of regional glass recyclers, increasing our reach and becoming the first nationwide glass recycler.
In 1994, Strategic Materials, Inc. officially spun off from Allwaste to become its own company. Over the next few decades we extended our reach and capabilities by merging with Nexcycle, a glass and plastic recycling business in Ontario, Canada. We also acquired Container Recycling Alliance, increasing our presence across the United States.
Throughout our 100+ year history, we have remained focused on creating value for our customers through innovation and customer improvement.

We are a leader in the recycling market.

Strategic Materials processes recycled glass and plastic for use in a wide array of products, creating efficiencies for our customers while conserving earth's natural resources. 

We convert recyclable materials into valuable products, helping industrial manufacturers increase operational efficiency.

We pride ourselves on technological innovation focused on providing the highest quality, clean glass to all of our customers. With decades of experience meeting the demands of our clients, Strategic Materials has become the premier North American supplier of quality recycled glass cullet and specialty powders.

  • Cullet in a variety of sizes and ranges
  • Post-consumer and post-industrial LEED points
  • Non-toxic and odorless powders that will not cause silicosis (no free silica)
  • Quality assured with statistical process control

Recycled glass is used in an impressive array of products and Strategic Materials has the capabilities to provide glass that meets any industry specification.

Consistently processing glass into clean, manufacturable product

Established in 1896, Strategic Materials is the largest glass recycler in the United States. No matter where the glass starts, it all runs through our inspection program to measure quality and determine processing needs. Strategic Materials takes in raw glass stock that has high levels of contamination and reduces that contamination down to manageable percentages. Our high-tech quality and cleaning processes result in a 99.5% nationwide acceptance rate from our customers.
Acceptable standards

Strategic Materials supplies processed, recycled glass to a variety of industries. Each of those industries has their own quality standards that dictate the type of recycled glass supply we are able to accept.

Supplier services

Many of our suppliers know their glass supply could be improved but aren’t sure how to do it.

Strategic Materials has been in the glass recycling business for over 100 years. As the largest supplier of recycled glass in the U.S., we are able to offer advice to our suppliers that helps improve the quality of recycled glass.

When you work with Strategic Materials, our experts can work with you to assess your operations and develop areas of improvement such as:

  • new site construction suggestions to maximize value
  • quality improvement suggestions to maximize value
  • handling suggestions (i.e. spotted equipment, containers)
  • improvement financing
  • training

Benefits of recycled glass

  • Requires less energy: It is generally asserted that cullet requires 25-30% less energy to melt than virgin batch materials.
  • Lowers air emissions and reduces carbon footprint: One ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled container glass used in the manufacturing process.
  • Helps protect the environment: Cullet reduces the need for precious raw materials and the water used to extact them. Using 1 ton of cullet replaces the need for 1.2 tons of raw materials. Also, recycling glass saves landfill space and helps extend their life.
  • Supports recycling: Consumers are looking for higher percentages of recycled content and recognize the value of a closed loop recycling process.

Recycled glass is good for the environment

When you place glass in the garbage, it ends up in a landfill and contributes to overall waste. Recycling removes glass waste completely and allows it to be turned into useful products.  Recycling saves manufacturers money and reduces the amount of trash going to the landfills.

Other environmental benefits of recycled glass:

  • Over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled
  • Homes with fiberglass insulation made from recycled glass have more efficient home energy and lower energy consumption
  • Reduces carbon/ greenhouse gas emissions
  • Has little to no impact on the nation’s waterways, it doesn’t pollute the oceans, it doesn’t contaminate our water sources
Company Services
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
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16365 Park Ten Place,
Houston, Texas
United States
ZIP: 77084

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