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Roswell Recycling Center
1900 East Poe, Roswell, New Mexico, United States

Memberships : ISRI,OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Association) training and certifications
About Yard


Most Industrial and commercial businesses have a growing volume and increasing need for scrap metal disposal. Roswell Recycling Center has the ability to manage an extensive variety of scrap metals. Some of the metals we accept include nickel alloy, brass, aluminum, copper, and lead. As expected we also accept steel, plate, structural steel, cast-iron, insulated copper wire, #1 bundle (bale), busheling, and other types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals which you know are in constant demand and command good prices.Your metal scrap-generating business will find that Roswell Recycling Center is a lucrative way to market recyclable scrap. We provide you and your company useful information about material preparation, quantity requirements, transport and timetables.Roswell Recycling Center appreciates recyclables! Technology and powerful machinery play a big supporting role in our business, our services have always been people driven. Our delightful staff is here to provide you the best service by trying to exceed your expectations while we provide you the following:

  • Roll-off containers

  • Mobile baling of light metals

  • Demolition services

  • Plant clean up

  • Tank demolition

  • Computerized scales


Roswell Recycling Center understands and has experience in demolition services, which allows us to provide maximum value for your scrap metals. Prior to and during your demolition, we will work closely with your company, choosing the products and services necessary for the removal of the scrap metals from your demolition project site.Our experienced crews have appropriate current certifications, which are required to meet the high standard of safety and be your effective and trustworthy demolition partner. Safety is our highest concern, regardless of whether we are at your demolition site or at Roswell Recycling Center. Our demolition employees have current OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Association) training and certifications.

Our services for containers and roll-off include:

  • Sized to fit your requests.
  • Placed close to your scrap generating source.
  • Timely delivery, intended to meet your timetable.
  • Roll-offs can be loaded from ground level.
  • Value analysis of your scrap.
  • Electronic reporting.
  • Pick-up and delivery from our scrap processing yard.


As defined by the EPA, recycling is "the series of activities by which discarded materials are collected, sorted, processed, and converted into raw materials and used in the production of new products".Recycling reduces the use of virgin raw materials during the production, the energy used, air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Simply put, recycling collects used materials, which are generally considered 'waste' and reprocesses them. In the process, the used materials are sorted and processed to be used as 'raw materials' for the production of new products.Recycling is different from reuse. When we reuse a product, we use the original product over and over; whereas recycling takes the core elements of the old product, the raw materials, and uses them to manufacture a totally new product.


Roswell Recycling Center has the friendliest employees and the right equipment to be the state-of-the-art recycling center serving Roswell. At Roswell Recycling Center you will find sustainability is practiced with the intention of providing you the ability to support and protect our shared natural resources even as you earn extra cash.Roswell Recycling Center carefully cleans and then sorts all scrap prior to shipping to a refinery. We have comprehensive programs, which prevent potentially hazardous materials from entering our facilities. As an example, our radiation detection equipment will notify us of any material that is or has been radioactive.A scrap yard like Roswell Recycling Center can help you save the Earth. If you have suggestions, which will improve our eco-friendly conservation efforts, we are interested in becoming better and more effective at saving our little part of this wonderful planet.

Roswell Recycling Center’s top priority is safety for both our employees and you our customers. To improve our facilities safety; we exercise a wide range of procedures including safety drills.
Our guidelines and activities are driven by these values:

  • Safety, a core value of our organization.

  • Safe operating practices are never breached for the sake of the bottom line.

  • Each employee must take an active part in and is accountable for making their workstation safe.


  • Wood
  • Oil
  • Dirt
  • Diapers
  • Brightly dyed paper
  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Ballasts
  • CRT Tubes
  • Electronics, Computers, PC's
  • Live Ammunition
  • Dynamite
  • Light bulbs
  • Motor oil
  • Mirrors
  • Wet paper
  • Window panes
  • Styrofoam
  • Tableware
Company Services
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
  • Lead Recycling
  • Nickel Recycling
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Yard Locations

1900 East Poe
Roswell, New Mexico
United States
ZIP: 88203
(575) 623-5555
(575) 623-5554

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CLOSED ( Opens on Monday at 8:00 am)
MondayFrom 8:00 am To 4:30 pm
TuesdayFrom 8:00 am To 4:30 pm
WednesdayFrom 8:00 am To 4:30 pm
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FridayFrom 8:00 am To 4:30 pm

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