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Riverside Scrap Iron & Metal Corp
2993 6th Street, Riverside, California, United States

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951 686-2129
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2993 6th Street
Riverside, California
United States
ZIP: 92507
951 686-2129
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Riverside Recycling has over 60 years experience under the same management and ownership. Riverside recycling is the oldest and largest scrap metal processor in Riverside County. We are also the only full-service recycling processor in the county. We have our own fleet of trucks and railroad access for scrap metal loading on our site. We offer a wide variety of services at competitive prices. Riverside Recycling is a California state-certified recycler and processor. We are the solution to your scrap metal needs.As the global economy continues to grow, so does the need for recyclable materials that can be used for construction, manufacturing and packaging. Riverside Recycling is helping to fill that need by selling scrap metal, plastic and other materials to customers overseas, which helps to keep the cost of raw materials down. The company is celebrating its 60 year anniversary.

The scrap that’s produced in the west coast of the United States is more than can be consumed by the local mills, smelters, etc. So it’s important that we do have this ability to export metal. We have been the exporter of the year for Riverside County, which is quite a feather in our cap. So we have consumers all over the world, whereas 40 years ago, 50 years ago, it was a smaller community–the consumers were here in California,” Frankel said. Over the years, stricter environmental protection regulations have forced most of the local smelters and processors of scrap metal either to move their business out of state or to close up altogether. Frankel’s company would sell the scrap metal it collected from its wholesale and retail customers including builders, machine shops and manufacturers to these local processors that would smelt or otherwise “consume” the material. “It’s unfortunate,” Frankel says, “however, other markets have opened up, particularly China, which is a tremendous consumer. Our markets reach mostly Asia. We’re now exporting to Korea, Japan, Vietnam. It’s exciting.” Companies like Riverside Recycling market their recycling services to wholesale clients that produce a significant amount of waste material in manufacturing and construction processes. In these cases, the recycling company may leave large bins for the disposal of the material to be picked up later, when full, by the recycler. The financial return to the client in terms of the amount they may receive for their scrap metals, paper, glass and plastic can be significant. “There are many customers we have dealt with for many years who have told us that their scrap recycling program is the difference between profit and loss. That’s how much potential money is generated by recycling their excess product,” Frankel said. Throughout its 60 years in business, Riverside Recycling–also known by its original name Riverside Iron and & Scrap Metal–has seen steady growth to become one of the largest, most recognizable companies in the business. When asked how much the nation’s “green movement” had to do with his company’s growth, Frankel says, “The simple answer to that is that we’ve been green since green wasn’t cool. We’ve been recycling resources for 60 years. I believe what opened the imagination of the general public was Earth Day in the early 1970’s, and it opened all of our eyes to the amount of consumption we have, to the need to conserve resources and to the need to recycle.
So with so much growth throughout its history, what does Riverside Recycling have to look forward to? According to Frankel, the company is looking to become more involved in recycling as fundraising vehicles for area charities. “I am very excited that we are exploring the idea of teaming up with some local non-profits. They have the ability to pick up excess scrap from tire shops, transmission shops, any companies that produce small amounts of scrap that would be able to donate and get a credit for their donation, as well as cleaning up their plants and cleaning up the environment. It’s something that we’re looking forward to.


Riverside Recycling is the region’s largest, locally-owned scrap metal processor. We are big enough to deliver world-class service and expertise, and small enough to care about our customers. As one of the region’s largest scrap metal processors, we supply foundries and smelters throughout the world with quality products of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, paper, plastic, and glass.
Used aluminum beverage cans remain the most recycled item in the U.S., but other types of aluminum, such as siding, gutters, storm window frames and lawn furniture, can also be recycled. Aluminum has a high market value and continues to provide an economic incentive to recycle. Recycled materials, such as aluminum, also provide manufacturers with valuable raw material. For example, recycled aluminum cans are used to make new cans. In fact, nearly 55 percent of a new aluminum can is made from recycled aluminum.
There are two types of copper recyclables. The first is referred to as old scrap, which comes from the public. It is collected from discarded, dismantled or obsolete products at the end of their lives. For example: Copper pipes from old buildings, old taps from a bathroom renovation, old hot water cylinders, or disgorged electrical cables. The other is called new scrap, which comes from factories that make articles from copper, brass, or bronze. Their machines will produce off-cuts and shavings that can be collected and returned for recycling. Copper is made with different purities depending on the application. The highest grade copper is electrical grade, at 99.99% pure.
CRV Glass
CRV Glass containers are 64% clear, 23% brown, and 13% green. When the glass recycling banks are emptied the glass is then sold to a re-processor or glass maker. It is monitored for purity, contaminants are taken out, and it is crushed. This crushed glass is called ‘cullet’. It may then be added to the mixture in a furnace for making new glass products, or it may be sold for another use such as a road surfacing material.
Steel scrap comes from recycled cans, construction materials and other steel products. This scrap is re-melted to produce new steel that contains the same chemical compound and strength as new steel. In fact, the industry’s overall recycling rate is nearly 68%.
CRV Plastic
CRV Plastics are generally broken down into two grades. The first grade is containers of 2-liter soda and the other is milk jugs, bleach containers, or laundry jugs. The plastic is sorted then compressed into bales. The bales are then put into containers and shipped all over the world.
Waste Paper
Paper products come in many forms. When residential customers bring in paper it is often in the form of newspapers, and cardboard boxes. Industrial customers’ paper products are discarded office paper and boxes. Types of waste paper that are recyclable include corrugated cardboard, white paper, computer print out paper, colored paper, copy paper, carbon-less forms, envelopes, manila, white and pastel colored file folders. The paper products are sorted, baled, and shipped.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
4CRV Glass
6Waste Paper
7CRV Plastic #3
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