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Okaya(U.S.A), Inc
64 W. Seegers Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States

Memberships : NA
(865) 681-2502
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Yard Locations
64 W. Seegers Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois
United States
ZIP: 60005
(847) 621-5530
(847) 621-5549
1899 Western Way,
Torrance, California
United States
ZIP: 90501
(310) 782-1101
(310) 782-8808
303 H Street,
Chula Vista, California
United States
ZIP: 91910
(619) 583-9744
(619) 583-9714
64 W Seegers Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois
United States
ZIP: 60005
(847) 621-5550
(847) 621-5566
820 Gessner Road,
Houston, Texas
United States
ZIP: 77024
(832) 358-5000
(832) 358-9500
961 Beasley Street,
Lexington, Kentucky
United States
ZIP: 40509
(859) 259-1010
(859) 231-0045
100 Dominion Drive,
Morrisville, North Carolina
United States
ZIP: 27560
(919) 465-2119
(919) 465-2109
100 Prestige Park Drive
Hurricane, West Virginia
United States
ZIP: 25526
(859) 259-1010
(859) 231-0045
9810 Lorene
San Antonio, Texas
United States
ZIP: 78216
(859) 259-1010
(859) 231-0045
1770 Corporate Drive, Suite 555
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
ZIP: 30093
(770) 279-0221
(770) 279-0225
2315 Bob Wallace Avenue, #J
Huntsville, Alabama
United States
ZIP: 35805
(256) 704-6500
(256) 704-6501
1704 Henry G Lane
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
ZIP: 37801
(865) 681-2502
(865) 681-2708
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About Yard

Non-Ferrous Metals & Minerals

This division of Okaya handles large volumes of metals and minerals, including copper, zinc, tin and aluminum. In recent years, it has also come to market various new materials for use in electronics equipment. Among the many new materials and metals Okaya markets are lead frames, highly purified metals for use in semiconductors, highly purified oxides for single crystals, rare earth oxides for ceramics in the electronics field, rare earths, and other materials required as stabilizers in structural ceramics.

With the unit prices of non-ferrous metals reaching very high levels, recycling has assumed an ever-greater importance. Okaya takes a very positive approach to this, striving to maximize recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrap material. This part of Okaya covers a broad range of products and requires a high level of flexibility in its operations. New markets are developed through the most thorough understanding of and sensitive response to changes in the international situation and the overall balance of supply and demand.

Iron & Steel

Iron and steel products are, of course, the traditional foundation of Okaya. Japan is the world's third-largest producer of iron and steel, with advanced technology and equipment that has significantly influenced steel-making techniques throughout the world. Naturally, as an international marketing force in iron and steel, Okaya must meet the needs of a highly diversified clientele. Thus, its worldwide network of business operations is not simply content to accept standard marketing procedures, but strives to genuinely meet the specific needs of each and every customer. To accomplish this, Okaya has steadily expanded the scope of its business activity, to include the actual processing of iron and steel products.

Ferrous Ores, Coal, Minerals & Steel Scrap

Iron and steel play the leading role in so many industrial sectors, used extensively in construction, civil engineering, machinery, household electrical appliances, shipbuilding and, of course, the manufacturing of rolling stock and the automobile. This division of Okaya concerns itself with the raw materials needs of iron and steel production. Japanese producers depend heavily on overseas supplies of these vital materials, and this division of Okaya imports large quantities of iron ore from Australia, India, Brazil and elsewhere, along with coking coal from Australia, the United States, and Canada, for use in the integrated steel mills of Nippon Steel, Nippon Kokan and other makers. This division also imports large quantities of scrap from the U.S., Australia, and the Mideast. This scrap is delivered to electric furnace steel mills, where it is transformed into reinforcing bars for concrete structures. Increasing quantities of domestic scrap are also being delivered to Okaya's network of some 40 electric furnace steel mills.

Tools, Components & Plumbing Supply

The products of this division of Okaya are, perhaps, less exciting than some of the high-tech materials. However, these have been the mainstay products of Okaya for more than three centuries; thus, the company has gained considerable expertise and accumulated a wide-ranging information network that lets it market these products to all kinds of users. Due to the large variety of products in many different sizes handled by Okaya, the maintenance of proper inventory procedures and a responsive distribution system is vital. To meet these requirements, Okaya has developed a completely integrated system of business operations and distribution capabilities.


Okaya handles a great many varieties of industrial machinery and equipment, emphasizing the need to meet demands in this critical field -- both for primary and for manufacturing industries. Accurate information and careful attention to detail allow Okaya to give full play to its commercial capabilities in meeting the requirements of every industrial sector -- even those with the most advanced technological needs. Naturally, this division of Okaya is concerned with various types of machinery, including metal-working and industrial machines, plant equipment and components such as parts for casting/forging equipment and fine ceramics. In addition, however, Okaya is exploring the growing need for factory automation systems, including flexible manufacturing, robotics and CAD/CAM systems.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1Air Conditioner
4Electric Motors
9Stainless Steel
Company Services
  • Iron & Steel Overseas
  • Ferrous Raw Metals
  • Non-ferrous Metals & Minerals
  • Industrial Supplies & Chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Electric & Electronics
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