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NexCycle Industries has a 15 year legacy of providing glass recycling solutions in Ontario, Quebec and North America. As a division of Strategic Materials – the largest glass recycler in North America with over 40 plants on the continent, we collect both post consumer and post-industrial scrap glass from a diverse range of sources including residential curbside collection, deposit return programs as well as bottle, plate and automotive glass manufacturers. Equipped with the latest optical sorting technologies for glass separation, purification and colour sortation, NexCycle Industries processes scrap glass into a raw material called cullet. In a truly closed loop life cycle, the cullet is then sold back into the glass manufacturing industry as a raw material – predominantly for glass containers and fibreglass.
NexCycle is deeply proud to be the glass recycling solution for the municipal blue box collection in Ontario.NexCycle is equally passionate about our role as the recycling solution for The Beer Store and Ontario’s Deposit Return Program.


Your single source supplier of the highest quality glass cullet and specialty powders.Post Consumer glass, after extensive processing, is used by the container and fibreglass industries as a vital raw material. Our specialty ground glass products are used by customers as beads for reflective highway striping and as abrasives.Cullet: As a division of Strategic Materials, NexCycle has revolutionized the post-consumer cullet industry by implementing a continuous quality improvement program, based on ongoing samples and measurement of every batch. The powered glass division has led the way by meeting or exceeding the quality and distribution standards of our customers in all our many specialty glass product segments.

NexCycle is a division of the largest supplier of cullet to the glass container/bottle industry. Cullet offers many advantages over other raw materials used in container manufacturing. Its lower melting point requires less energy, prolongs furnace life, increases throughput, and can reduce emissions.
Use of cullet by fiberglass manufacturers continues to rise each year. Cullet’s advantages include energy savings, prolonged furnace life and higher melting capacity. Industry standards for product quality and consistency are extremely high. NexCycle is an integral source of supply to Fiberglass manufacturers.
NexCycle is a major supplier into the Bead industry’s demand for cullet. Cullet offers a more cost-effective alternative to virgin glass in bead manufacturing. Once the cullet has been melted into rounded glass pellets, the resulting beads are sold for use in reflective paints for highway striping, as well as for use in peening and cleaning metals.
Nexcylce sells ground glass to the abrasive industry under the name “WhiteBlast.” Glass is an ideal abrasive since it is competitively priced, leaves good profiles, has high performance results, and provides superior worker safety, Glass has no free silica and will not cause silicosis.

Municipal Recycling

NexCycle Industries in Guelph, Ontario proudly services over 20 municipalities in Ontario as a reliable outlet for the recycling of glass collected from the Blue Box program. Glass from MRF’s (Municipal Recycling Facilities) is very challenging to deal with due to contamination of other materials such as paper, dirt, organics and ceramics.Equipped with technologies for ceramic and metal detection, optical sortation for colour separation and glass purification and most recently organic separation; NexCyle has invested and positioned itself to be the preferred partner for Municipalities for the long term.We have additional capacity to support additional municipalities and it is our desire to do so. Strategically we are positioned to service all of Ontario’s municipal glass recycling needs.

The Beer Store

In 2003 NexCycle became the The Beer Store’s (TBS) recycling solutions provider of choice to support the non-refillable container portion of their return program. In response, NexCycle commissioned a plant in Brampton, Ontario as a centralized collection center to receive, sort and process commodities such as aluminum, steel, cardboard and the primary material – glass. The glass is then purchased by NexCycle Industries of Guelph, Ontario for recycling and distribution into high end glass manufacturing.Today, NexCycle Innovations in Brampton, Ontario is the central collection, separation and processing centre for The Beer Store and Ontario Deposit Return Programs. The 117,000 square foot facility processes over 136,000 metric tonnes (300 million pounds) of material each year and receives an average of 75 trucks per day.

Ontario Deposit Return Program

In 2007, NexCycle’s role with The Beer Store grew exponentially with the enactment of the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP) whereby The Beer Store Return Program was expanded to accept all wine and spirit containers. Through this program, the volume of glass skyrocketed as did the other commodities of aluminum, steel and cardboard while new materials came on line such as PET containers.Today, NexCycle Innovations in Brampton, Ontario is the central collection, separation and processing centre for The Beer Store and Ontario Deposit Return Programs. The 117,000 square foot facility processes over 136,000 metric tonnes (300 million pounds) of material each year and receives an average of 75 trucks per day.

Always Buying Plastic Scrap: Hdpe, Ldpe and PP

NexCycle is a high volume producer of quality recycled plastic resin. Therefore we are always in the market buying post industrial plastic scrap including plastic films and molding regrinds. We buy a wide range of plastic (polyolefin) raw materials that are clean post industrial or pre-consumer. Material must be free of contamination, especially other polymers.

What We Sell

With over 25 years of experience in plastic recycling and customer plastic manufacturing processes, NexCycle has developed several flag ship recycled plastic resin product lines. These products are available to the market in mass volumes.Are you in early stage product development phase of a new application? NexCycle can help in this process from concept to production. We understand the opportunities and challenges of getting recycled resin compounds approved for new applications and we’ve learned a variety of lessons over the years to minimize the risks.We offer the following flag ship recycled plastic resins and compounds for a variety of plastic process applications. Don’t see what you are looking for? We have the ability to compound or source materials to meet specific needs. Contact us for quality recycled resin alternatives.

Custom Tolling of Plastic Scrap:
NexCycle provides closed loop recycling services to many of our customers by recycling their scrap. Customer materials are carefully segregated for quality integrity and then size reduced, re-melted, filtrated and re-extruded into resin for use in their material blends. These resins can be further post blended and compounded if required.This process enables our customers to almost eliminate yield loss and meet environmental “zero waste” goals.
Trading - Off Grade Virgin Resins and Scrap Polymers:
NexCycle carries a regular inventory of virgin resins. We specialize in virgin LLDPE-LDPE film grade resins.NexCycle also carries various polymer regrinds that are sold into North American manufacturing end markets.
Product Development:
Experience our cost effective solutions for all your demanding projects. With our experience, technology and full scale lab we are capable and interested in diversifying into other polymers and areas where customer needs exist.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1 jam jars
2CRV Glass bottles
3#1 & # 2 Plastic
4ABS Plastic
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