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Fair Salvage Company
2655 W. Wise Road, Sheridan, Michigan, United States

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About Yard

Thank you for choosing FAIR Salvage Company, a business ran by Faith, not by sight. Once upon a time there was a little boy (who had a dream) who grew up and got married and had a little boy who grew up. One day he came to his dad and said “I have an idea; do you think it will work”?


The idea was to open a car parts business, but before I begin let’s go back to when that little boy was a teenager. That boy’s name was Steve and one summer a neighbor boy and Steve decided to make some money by finding old cars that people wanted hauled away for free and sell them at the Mid Michigan Recycling on US 10 west of Clare. His dad had a trailer and a truck that they could use, so that summer, many long, hard hours were spent selling junk cars.
Steve went away to Diesel College after high school for a year, and then came home and found a job at the Mitchell Corporation in Clare. He became a night foreman all the while thinking of his future. He came and shared his idea with his dad and they “conned” mom into the plan.
The garage was available for a business and the acres were here. Floyd and Steve approached the neighbors with the idea and got their ok; they went to the Township and County. After getting permission from the Township and the County we needed to be fingerprinted for a State License to sell parts and cars.
I remember the doors of the jail locking behind me as they took us to the back of the jail for the finger prints.


Fair Salvage Company- “A Business Ran By Faith, Not By Sight”. When we first decided on a foundation for the way we do business, we weren’t aware of how powerful those 8 words would become. More than a decade later, our faith has led us on an amazing journey of discovery. We’re learning more about who we are as a business and, more importantly, we’re discovering the true meaning of the word family.To provide the best services, we have to first offer each other the love, support, and respect we want to exhibit in our interactions with the public. Building a business requires dedication and commitment. The way that the community has stood behind us, offering support every step of the way makes our journey even sweeter.For that reason, we wanted to give back and show our appreciation. We’ve grown from an idea formed in a little boy’s head to operating out of 5 separate locations. Our services have helped countless members of the community. Together, we’ve successfully reduced our carbon footprint, creating a better planet for us all. Now, we’ve come up with the perfect way for our business to pay it forward to you personally.

The Fair Salvage fundraiser is the perfect way for your business or organization to raise money all year long. Conventional fundraising options have been used so often, they’ve basically worn out their welcome. People see catalogs full of overpriced peanuts and wrapping paper and run in the other direction. Bake sales and car washes are limited by the uncertainties of Mother Nature. What options are you left with when you’re looking to raise money?
Fair Salvage has identified a major flaw in popular fundraisers. There is no immediate benefit for the public. Should they choose to participate, it’s more of an obligation than a voluntary action. If you don’t happen to have anything that interests them or something that seems worth the effort, that obligation could easily be passed up. Our alternative is just the opposite.
Rather than asking your supporters to give out of their pocket in a time when everyone is clenching their last dollar, let’s do something special for them. We’re welcoming them to bring in any scrap metals that may be cluttering their home or yard. We’ll take those metals off their hands and send the proceeds straight to you.


  • Any items requiring proof of ownership and proof is not turned in at the scale. Vehicles and trailers without a matching clear and signed title will not be purchased. Boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. must have a registration turned in.
  •  Radioactive material. All material entering Fair Salvage is scanned for radioactivity.
  •  Any type of sealed container that has not been cut open enough where we can’t see it is clean, dry and free of hazardous material.
  • Vehicles with propane or natural gas tanks still attached.
  •  All materials made of or containing asbestos.
  •  Transformers that still contain oil.
  • All items coming from or appear to have come from a grave site, monument or public property.
  •  Any type of gauge, thermostat, etc. that contains mercury.
  •  Any metal that is excessively covered in dirt, concrete or other debris.
  •  Any refrigeration equipment that has not been certified to be empty of Freon or have had the compressors completely removed from the units.
  •  Garbage; including but not limited to plastics, loose tires, food and paper waste.
  •  Hazardous or Flammable Metal Dust; lead dust, magnesium turnings, etc.
  •  Propane, acetylene or any other type of gas tank that has not been cut. SEE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION LISTED BELOW FOR MATERIALS PURCHASED WITH CONDITIONS
  • Television, computer monitors or any other items with excessive amounts of glass.
  • Plastic and glass.
  •  Precious metals such as gold and silver. It is best to contact a pawn shop or jeweler for these items.
  •  Money. It is illegal to destroy currency.
Materials Accepted
Company Services
  • Metal Recycling
  • Car Bodies Recycling
  • Batteries Recycling
  • E-scrap
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2655 W. Wise Road
Sheridan, Michigan
United States
ZIP: 48884
(989) 328-2250
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