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Honda Trading America Corp
19210 Van Ness Avenue , Torrance, California, United States

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About Yard

We are dedicated to exceeding global customer expectations through creative and effective commercial activities,
enhancing value and confidence.The HTA California office was established in 1972 and supports American Honda Motor Co., Inc. through international supply chain management services.


Striving to be a "Company Society Wants to Exist"

Honda Trading's future direction is set out in this vision. Business structures are becoming more diverse, multi-polar and increasingly complex; Honda Trading’s duty is to anticipate changes at an early stage and make competitive proposals that match customers’ needs.
Moreover, we have a social responsibility to take measures for global environmental problems, while also achieving economic rationality.
We have set out our future direction with the intention of making bold attempts to take on these new challenges.
Providing customers with state-of-the-art, high quality, high value-added goods, promptly and at a low price is a prerequisite for Honda Trading being a "Company Society Wants to Exist"
We aim to achieve this by contributing to people's happiness and sharing joy with people throughout the world.

Supplying raw materials

We carry out the procurement and supply of non-iron metals, iron products and resin materials, used largely in the field of vehicles. By also offering manufacturing services in steel plate processing and molten aluminum, we are able to provide a quality of service that goes above and beyond that of ordinary trading firms.


We aim to recycle useful resources such as the iron, aluminum and resin that can be extracted from end-of-life cars (scrapped cars), considering resource circulation from a global perspective, and aim to expand our efforts to promote an environmentally-friendly recycling society.

Automobile Recycling

We contribute to environmental conservation through our involvement in the vehicle resource recycling flow. We reuse components of end-of-life(scrapped) vehicles or carry out recycling by reusing scrap materials as auto materials.We aim to create a flow for transforming end-of-life (scrapped) vehicles back into resources and to build a logistics management system with a view to achieving resources circulation management from a global perspective, and aim to expand these efforts to promote an environmentally-friendly recycling society.


By getting involved in the entire flow of resource circulation, such as the recycling of end-of-life(scrapped) vehicles , we secure a steady supply of scrap resources . These scrap resources are then supplied back to our customers.We also contribute to conservation of the global environment by promoting the spread of environmentally-friendly vehicle disassembly technologies, in partnership with vehicle disassembly companies, and by actively promoting measures such as reducing the environmental impact when scrapping vehicles.

Honda Trading’s unique approach contributes to conservation of the global environment

We have developed environmental activities in diverse fields, including purchasing, sales, production, transportation and office administration. Moreover, Honda Trading is involved in unique environmental business, reducing waste through the effective utilization of resources such as used cars (reused components), including the recycling of iron, aluminum and plastic. We aim to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by playing an active role in the conservation of the global environment.As a responsible member of society and faced with the crucial challenge of protecting the global environment, we seek to play an active role in maintaining people’s health and protecting the global environment through all of our business activities. We aim to achieve a sustainable society by contributing to sustainable development through our activities.

Product resource cycle and 3R efforts

We recycle waste resources collected from manufacturing processes and end-of-life vehicles in every conceivable materials field, including iron, resin and non-ferrous metals.For example, aluminum is melted at Group company aluminum plants and reused as a material at Honda plants. In the field of resin, since 2007 we have worked alongside Honda to turn bumpers from end-of-life vehicles back into recycled polypropylene (PP) resin.Additionally, we work to achieve the effective utilization of end-of-life vehicles (reusable parts, etc.) obtained at Honda dealers.


We have developed bases to meet the needs of Honda plants throughout the world and work hard to respond accurately to the needs of the Honda Group.By systemizing the handling of steel materials through regional central purchasing, it has become possible to carry out central management of Honda steel materials and implement optimal inventory management in each Honda Region.

How it works:

  • Honda Trading determines how much steel will be needed by its customers - including both Honda Manufacturing and Honda's steel parts suppliers.
  • Honda Trading consolidates the orders according to stringent quality requirements then works with Honda-approved mills and processors who produce the appropriate materials for use by our customers.
  • Honda Trading performs quality assurance checks and coordinates just-in-time delivery to our customers.
  • Honda Trading has developed customized web based systems to enhance collaboration between supply system partners as well as sophisticated inventory optimization software to tailor supply solutions for both large and small consumption items.

    Supply of parts & equipment/dies & molds

    Honda Trading utilizes its global network to stably provide its suppliers with parts that are competitive in terms of both cost and quality. We respond to various customer requests, including the supply of production equipment, dies & molds, machine tool equipment, and consumable supplies, but also foreign market feasibility study, equipment procurement, transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1Car / Shred
3Stainless Steel
Company Services
  • Iron Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Automobile Recycling
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