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Beacon Mgmt. Inc.
6025 Scott Way , Commerce, California, United States

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About Yard

BMI is a veteran Recycling – Reverse logistics firm with core competency in the economical and environmentally-compliant disposition of electronic scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and end-of-life equipment. We focus on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) facility-based programs, in addition to Wireline and Wireless Site Services including logistics and equipment removals for the major carriers and their partners.At the foundation of these management programs is BMI’s extensive expertise in the reclamation and logistics arenas. The spectrum of treated items includes whole equipment, assemblies, precious metals scrap, batteries and the management of resaleable materials. BMI’s high-level of proficiency in equipment handling, grading, commoditizing, and other preparatory methods results in optimum harvest and financial reclamation at both the smelter level and at the secondary marketing level.

BMI also plays a large role in the management of the site-level deinstallation, removal, and logistics services that comprise the turnkey execution of transmission site decommissioning from both live and dead field environments. These include equipment deinstallation and cable mining, including BTS, switch, RF and power cable, PBU, battery, ancillary materials extraction and removal services from cell and switch sites. Our unique formula combines site-by-site removal, collection and consolidation using processes congruent with our Headquarter’s environmental, health and safety management system certified to ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and the Responsible Recycling (R2) Standard. BMI essentially provides a turnkey service bundle that covers the entire operations spectrum from site-level technical equipment removal through documented disposition and all steps in between.At the foundation of these services and competencies remains BMI’s expertise in the basic mechanics and flow of facility-to-facility transfer of goods, process management, documentation, environmental health and safety, enforcement, security, and overall systemic coverage amongst its various contractors and management teams. Significant attention and quality controls have been instituted and reinforced over the course of successive years and evolving industry best practices – affording BMI the opportunity to stand as a progressive, leading, and highly successful presence. Consistency, quality, uniformity and highest composite services output are the hallmarks of BMI’s 20 plus year history and continuing industry posture.

The core value from both a Precious Metals and Re-use perspective generally emanate from the circuit cards and circuit board containing components. These same components and circuit boards are also the same materials that are regulated both at the State and Federal levels. BMI is built upon the expertise required to achieve the maximum PM recovery dollars via long standing smelting contracts, the market knowledge through which to extract the viable components and the underlying foundation upon which to extract equipment from the field, transport and process large volumes of electronic scrap compliantly, inexpensively and safely.Specific expertise in the realm of Precious Metals Recovery, Integrated Circuit demand and Materials Preparation is at the heart of our operations resulting in the ability to achieve the highest project and material valuations. Identifying and handling all Hazardous Components correctly is Priority One and a heavily controlled component of our operations from the point of pick up through final disposition.PM Content consisting of Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh can vary widely among circuit boards and components based on a variety of factors. The knowledge of how to Identify, prepare and grade these materials and ultimately assign values to large lots of commodities pre-shipment is essential. Decades of shipments, refining results, and laboratory analysis make this a very exact science for us at BMI.Maximizing the precious metals content must be achieved while simultaneously recovering 100% of the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous values at the lowest cost. The combined total metallic content is our recovery target coupled with the minimum amount of touches, we have mastered the science.Our downstream partners and refineries are carefully chosen and are all home to OECD countries. These materials are Focus Materials, Hazardous and the main value driver in your assets, BMI understands and manages these factors with extreme diligence and care. Such end disposition outlets pass through our internal auditing process and are continuously monitored to ensure compliance combined with the best terms and results.

Environment Policy

BMI is committed to the protection of our employees, our clients, and our natural surroundings through the adoption and implementation of best practices in our collection and recycling methods. To meet this commitment, BMI has developed an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHS MS) following an industry-proven, risk-based approach. The foundation of this system is BMI’s Environmental, Health and Safety Policy:

The Policy reflects BMI’s commitment to protect human health and prevent workplace injuries, conserve resources, protect the environment, and comply with all relevant customer and product requirements.The EHS MS Policy has been communicated to all employees and is posted for employee and public view in our Commerce’s facility office and on our company website. The EHS MS Policy is maintained as a controlled document within BMI’s EHS MS.

Customized Facility Programs

BMI offers location-based management services featuring platforms targeted to achieve specifically identified facility needs. Individualized collection plans, classification & separation methods, rotation and pickup schedule coordination, packing & loading coaching, tracking and output capture – all of these critical aspects of maximizing large tonnage, heavy-flow commodity movements through hard infrastructure environments are given expert treatment. SPOC BMI program contact and a national constellation of premium providers ensure fluent services for the time-sensitive needs of your facility.

Financial Outcome & Recoupment Options

  • Public Indices & Trading Exchanges [LME]
  • International / Global Marketplaces
  • Futures & Spot Pricing
  • Tolling, Hedging, Exchange Programs
  • Fixed Purchases
  • Refining Settlements
  • Revenue Share Programs

Service Management Coverage

  • Pickup, Collection, Staging, Scheduled Drop & Swap
  • Bins, Roll-Offs, Dumpsters, Low Boys, Locking Containers
  • Site Loading & Separation
  • Shredding
  • Scheduled Services & Project Site Support
  • On-Site Provider Management
  • Insurance, Bonding, and Downstream Management
  • Port &Ocean Adjacency
  • Containerizing, Packing & Volume Shipment
  • Manifest, Customs, Paperwork, Record Retention

Capabilities and Expertise

  • Informed Lifecycle Determinations
  • Custom Software and Databasing: Tracking and Inventory Management Platform
  • Whole System Marketing to Spares Management
  • Component, Assembly, and Board-Level Viability Analysis
  • Integrated Circuit, Passive, and Active Electronics Marketplace Expertise
  • Memory Device and Data Security Suite – Wiping, Sector Recovery, Resale / Destruction
  • Controlled Stocking and Staging Environment
  • Testing, Diagnostics, Refurbishment and Warranty
  • Professional Logistics Support Services
  • Fully Insured and Permitted End-to-End Process
  • ISO 14001:2004, R2, OSHAS 18001, and SHARP Certified Headquarter Facility in Commerce, CA

BMI Safety: Overview & Principles

At BMI, Safety is paramount — for all employees, contractors, clients, facilities, and job sites. Highest standards and best practices are widely emphasized and rigorously administered, derived from a variety of guiding authorities: Federal and State laws, industry certification and oversight groups, EH&S accreditation mandates: ISO, R2, SHARP, OSHA, EPA, and company policies. BMI ensures comprehensive surety and compliance to all of its personnel, customers, and working environments by way of a structured system of policy communication, awareness training, continuing education, inspections, audits, and proper documentation.BMI’s corporate offices and proTowerClimbercessing facility locations are ground-zero for policy dissemination and quality control for evolving requirements and standards; regular inspections, spot-checks, and formal reviews buttress the maintenance of top standards and the fullest participation. Our daily workplace environment uses numerous publicly-accessible information resources to supplement training sessions, upkeep classes, specialized credentials, and other tools to ensure ongoing staff awareness around all key topics. Documented procedures govern all aspects of day-to-day safe practices and contingency preparation — including safety drills, emergency action plans, written and electronic information access policies, coursework, notices, reviews and revisions, first aid supplies and stations, protective equipment, and much more. BMI’s Safety Manager and related supervisors work in concert with entities such as the American Red Cross, OSHA, local fire and police, security firms, and certified private training organizations to ensure that all facets of professional health & safety procedures are a continual focus and remain paramount.

BMI field sites and operational environments are subject to additional highly regimented and formal performance benchmarks. A structured set of daily and project-wide requisites is implemented across a clear hierarchy with a defined set of documented deliverables. A comprehensive CESH (Construction Employee Safety & Health) regimen is in place to govern job hazard assessments, daily equipment inspections, emergency action planning, fall protection practices, and operational safety checklists which are overseen by designated field crew point persons and enforced by audit and random inspections. Additional measures related to employee qualification, background, substance testing, and professional accreditations are all in place to further the protection of all project participants. Daily, weekly, and project-term forms and records comprise an important mandate for the delivery and oversight of work completion packages. The governance and continual improvements driven by BMI’s compliance programs, certifications, and staff report hierarchies inform all operations and requirements, while substantial insurance, training, spot-checks, and pure diligence round out the ethos of worker health, safety principles and practices.


Company Services
  • Cable Equipment Recycling
  • Computers & Peripherals Recycling
  • Data Center & Equipment Recycling
  • Mobile Devices Recycling
  • Telecom & Office Equipment Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
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6025 Scott Way
Commerce, California
United States
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