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ARCA Canada, Inc. - Nova Scotia
105 Akerley Blvd., Unit E, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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105 Akerley Blvd., Unit E
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
ZIP: B3B 1R7
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ARCA Canada sets the standard for safe and responsible appliance recycling in Canada.Supported by nine years of experience and hundreds of thousands recycled appliances, ARCA's turnkey recycling programs have become vital to Canada's energy conservation efforts.With a commitment to energy efficiency and using the latest technologies, ARCA Canada maximizes recycling materials and protects Canada's natural resources from damaging substances found in old appliances.

ARCA's values and operating processes reflect a commitment to the environment and a dedication to customer satisfaction:

  • ARCA Canada is committed to Conservation and Demand Management (CDM).
  • ARCA Canada is not in the business of used appliance sales. Selling energy-inefficient used appliances is not compatible with our mission of energy conservation.
  • We closely oversee our recycling procedures, use innovative technologies and require in-depth employee training to ensure we adhere to the highest standards of federal, provincial and municipal regulations.
  • ARCA Canada is committed to local economic development through local job creation and establishing business relationships with community vendors. We also maintain a community presence through holding community drives and promoting causes that benefit society.


  • ARCA Canada, Inc. was formed in 2006.

  • Since 2006, more than 365,000 refrigerators and freezers have been recycled through Fridge and Freezer Pickup program through Ontario Power Authority (now IESO). The energy saved by recycling inefficient appliances could power 19,000 homes for an entire year.

  • ARCA Canada recycles approximately 90,000 appliances annually.

  • 95% of the materials recovered during the decommissioning process are recycled. The remainder materials are disposed of in accordance with provincial environmental regulations.

  • At peak operations, ARCA Canada employs about 100 green collar workers

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is at the forefront of ARCA Canada's recycling programs. ARCA Canada ensures that every customer is happy with each aspect of the recycling program, including appointment scheduling and confirmation, appliance pickup and fulfillment processing.Using innovative software and leading-edge technologies results in an easy and seamless process for the customer. ARCA Canada's Appliance Turn-In Order system (ATO) incorporates the latest technologies including handheld wireless devices, GPS tracking, bar code scanning and wireless signatures to create a superior field service process.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency

ARCA Canada's methodologies reflect an overarching commitment to energy conservation and preservation of natural resources. ARCA Canada's operations have been identified by Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENSC) and Ontario Power Authority (OPA), as well as other organizations as the standard for proper appliance disposal for Nova Scotia and Ontario.ARCA Canada complies with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations regarding the disposal of old appliances and has secured all required licenses, permits and certifications for conducting operations in Ontario and Nova Scotia.ARCA Canada takes deliberate measures in every aspect of its appliance recycling programs to conserve energy. For example, by decommissioning and recycling collected appliances using local employees and baling the appliances prior to transport to the metal recycling facility, ARCA Canada minimizes CO2 emissions to the greatest extent possible.

ARCA Canada does not sell used appliances
We do not sell used appliances. It is not consistent with our mission of energy efficiency. We know the most responsible decision for consumers is to recycle old, energy-inefficient appliances.

Professional and Knowledgeable Staff

With decades of experience in appliance recycling, ARCA Canada's personnel demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the industry and understand the importance of impeccable customer service.The team at ARCA Canada has consistently been praised by customers for being friendly, helpful and considerate.

Appliance Collection

ARCA Canada's appliance collection technicians are an important touchstone in the appliance retirement process. Our staff is professional and courteous and consistently receive praise from program participants.Our removal technicians perform an on-site eligibility verification to ensure that the appliance is in operating condition and meets all other program requirements.Safe removal of the appliance from the customer premises or other location (via retailer and municipality programs) includes getting the customer’s signature to record transfer of ownership, disabling the unit before leaving the site to prevent re-use, and transporting the units to an ARCA Canada fully-licensed recycling centre.

Data Management

ARCA Canada's web-based data management and reporting system allow utility program managers to access real time data via a secure connection to the internet.ARCA Canada's Appliance Turn-in Order (ATO) system allows for superior program administration services for utility program managers.The integration of mobile devices allows the ATO system to provide a single, central database to administer all aspects of the appliance recycling program. The customer portal can be customized to have the look and feel of the utility's website for a seamless integration.The ATO system generates a variety of reports to support multiple program functions including call centre data, dispatch and operations. Customized reports can be generated to meet the needs of the utility program.

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