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Booming Alumina and Aluminum Prices Drive Alcoa Q3 Results
On the other hand, curtailment of the Intalco smelter led to 3% drop in third-party…
October 15th 2020
Alcoa Announces Curtailment and Collective Dismissal at Smelter
Around 100 employees will continue to remain at the facility, so as to operate a…
October 12th 2020
Rio Tinto Leads New Venture to Boost Sustainable Aluminum Can Output
The first one million cans produced through the partnership using low carbon aluminum smelting technology…
October 8th 2020
Novelis Completed Sale of Former Aleris Plant to Alvance
Novelis and Alvance had agreed to acquire the Duffel facility for a sum of $310…
October 5th 2020
Primary Aluminum Market Ended in Surplus Till July 2020
From January to July in 2020, the overall aluminum production surged higher by 3.6% compared…
September 30th 2020
Alcoa Unveiled New Low-Carbon, Smelter-Grade Alumina Brand
The carbon emissions profile of refineries that produce Ecosource alumina are better than 90% of…
September 28th 2020
LME Criticized For Planned Launch of Green Aluminum Platform
Instead, the exchange should concentrate on products such as the euro-prices steel contract.
September 23rd 2020
USTR Import Volume Levels In Place of Tariffs Await Further Clarification
It urged the United States Trade Representative (USTR) office to publish the details of the…
September 21st 2020
U.S. Abandoned Import Tariffs on Canadian Aluminum
The issue will be revisited every month, based on monthly import volumes.
September 16th 2020
GFG Ponders Plan to Save San Ciprian Aluminum Smelter
The high energy costs had prompted the company to sell its other two Spanish smelters…
September 15th 2020