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RBI Gold Bond Scheme Is Now Open for Subscription
The bonds will be denominated in multiples of grams of gold with a basic unit of 1 gram.
GoldAugust 04, 2020
Ontario to Run Out of Waste Disposal Capacity by 2032
With so much waste and with new legislation making it impossible to build new landfills, Ontario has a waste disposal problem.
Waste & RecyclingAugust 04, 2020
3rd August, 2020: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Surged on Index
In the Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices were up by $ 4.12 per Oz.
Waste & RecyclingAugust 04, 2020
Kenosha, WI Receives $520,000 for Converting to a Plastics Recycling System
Kenosha began transitioning to the carts – blue for recyclables and light brown for bagged garbage — in early July.
Plastic RecyclingAugust 04, 2020
Massachusett’s Recycle Smart Tackles Contamination with Education
Speaking of how the effort has helped him as an operator, he says MassDEP checks in yearly to see if items need to be added or removed.
Waste & RecyclingAugust 04, 2020
Caltrans Repaves Stretch of Highway with Recycled Plastic Bottles for First Time
Caltrans said a one-mile segment of pavement using the mixture will recycle 150,000 plastic bottles.
Plastic RecyclingAugust 04, 2020
Baltimore County, MD Will Provide Glass to be Recycled as New Glass Containers
The glass recycling program will expand both the number of products and the volume of material that the County will be able to market.
Waste & RecyclingAugust 04, 2020
Eldorado Gold Output Surged 50% in Second Quarter
The total revenues surged higher by 47% to $255.9 million.
Mining NewsAugust 03, 2020
Nippon Steel Posted Notable Dip Steel Production During Fiscal 2019
The Steelmaking and Steel Fabrication segment recorded revenue of ¥5,257.3 billion.
Steel NewsAugust 03, 2020
31st July, 2020-North American Copper Scrap Prices Dipped on Index
309 SS prices too reported no change in prices.
Scrap PricesAugust 03, 2020
On-Site E-Waste Certification Audits Hit by Unprecedented Delay
The companies that have applied for certification for the first time are the most affected.
E-waste RecyclingAugust 03, 2020
Gold Prices Spiked on Record ETF Inflows During H1 2020
Meantime, the total gold demand recorded 6% year-on-year decline to 2,076 tonnes in H1, primarily on soft demand from consumer sectors.
GoldAugust 03, 2020
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