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Japan scrap yards may pile up with vehicle-scrap

Japan scrap yards may pile up with vehicle-scrap

BEIJING (Scrap Monster): Japan’s scrap yards are going to be filled with scrap steel, aluminum, nickel, chromium, platinum, and much more recyclable metals from the Tsunami hit vehicles in the country.

Shores of japans’ northeast, hit hard by tsunami waves are also heaped with plenty of vehicles which were totally damaged and can only be used for scrapping. Japan municipal authorities have already initiated measures to collect and scrap them.

This means a huge amount of scrap metals entering scrap yards, and this may even lead to short term stagnation in the scrap industry, analysts say.

Municipal governments in Japan have decided to collect all the vehicles destroyed by the Tsunami, in the country. The government will keep the vehicles for a certain time so that the owners can claim it or the vehicles will be scrapped.

Municipal governments first will find vacant lots to keep the cars. They then will publicize the car’s registration numbers and vehicle identification numbers for a certain period of time.

If the owners claim the cars, the vehicles would be handed over so they can scrap them. If they do not appear before the as-yet-unspecified deadline, the local governments will scrap the cars.

The central government will also enable municipal governments to scrap appliances as disaster waste, which means further metals coming to the market.


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