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Copper2.0875 0.0040.19%$US / Lb
Gold1262.00 -3.9000000000001-0.31%$US / Oz
Palladium629.70 101.61%$US / Oz
Platinum935.40 6.80.73%$US / Oz
Silver17.562 0.1140.65%$US / Oz
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Aluminum13585.00 3702.8%CNY / Ton
Copper38040.00 6801.82%CNY / Ton
Lead16375.00 5803.67%CNY / Ton
Rebar2440.00 150.62%CNY / Ton
Wire Rod2135.00 00%CNY / Ton
Zinc19015.00 8054.42%CNY / Ton
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  • Company directory with contacts
  • Scrap yard profiles with addresses
  • Scrap trading platform
  • 400+ OTC scrap metal prices
  • Product listings
  • Market news and updates
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