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Tanzania's Big Push for Gold Smelter
The proposal to build own smelter was initially proposed in 209 by the Presidential Mining…
January 22nd 2019
India's Gold Bar Imports Collapsed 21% in Dec ‘18
India’s gold bar imports in Dec ’18 totaled Rs 3,243.02 crores (USD 458.51 Million).
January 16th 2019
India's Interim Budget Likely to Cut Gold Import Duty to 5%
The gold import duty was hiked in 2013 to 10%, in order to curb rising…
January 21st 2019
India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Nosedived 23% in Dec ‘18
During the first nine months of the current fiscal year, India exported $8,771.91 million of…
January 17th 2019
India Launches New Series of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme
The issue price of the bond would be INR 3,214 per gram of gold.
January 14th 2019
Gold Demand in 2019 to be Driven by Market Risks and Economic Growth
The Council sees limited impacts to gold as a result of headwinds from higher interest…
January 11th 2019
India's Gold Bar Imports Skyrocketed 67%
India imported $5,476.33 million worth of gold bars during Apr-Nov ’18.
December 17th 2018
Gold Imports by India Collapsed 20% in 2018
The Dec ’18 imports totaled around 60 tons, substantially lower by 23% when compared with…
January 8th 2019
Gold Mine Collapse Leads to Death of 40 Workers in Afghanistan
The roads to Kohistan district are reportedly cut off due to heavy snow.
January 7th 2019
DGCX Traded Volumes Hit New Record in 2018
In March 2018, the exchange reported a landmark achievement by launching the GCC’s first and…
January 4th 2019