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WGC Launches New Framework for Responsible Gold Mining
The world gold trade body expects that the new principles will define a credible platform,…
September 13th 2019
U.S. Gold Exports Witnessed Substantial Decline
The U.S. exports of gold through the first seven months of the current year recorded…
September 12th 2019
WGC Depicts Gold as the Most Effective Commodity Investment
The investment in commodities tend to return immense benefits for investors over a period.
September 12th 2019
Global Gold Output to Reach 132 Moz by 2023
The Pascua-Lama project is expected to commence production in 2021.
September 6th 2019
India's Gold Imports Hit Lowest Level in Three Years
The multi-year high domestic gold prices have dented the demand for physical gold in the…
September 5th 2019
DGCX Reaches New Milestone Topping 3 Million Contracts
The Indian Rupee product suite emerged as the best performer, breaking all previous volumes.
September 3rd 2019
Smuggled Gold Seizure Soared 23% in Q2 2019
According to government sources, the seizure of smuggled gold by Indian customs officials totalled 1,197.7…
September 3rd 2019
Gold-Backed ETF Inflows Surged to Hit Highest Level in Almost 7 Years
As of Friday, the assets under gold-backed ETFs totalled 2,453.4 tons.
September 3rd 2019
CBI Probes Nexus Between Customs Officers and Gold Smugglers
The DRI investigation revealed that Rahul Pandit has been assisting gold smuggling rackets by permitting…
September 2nd 2019
IBJA Demands Tough Restrictions on Gold Bar Refining
The move is aimed at curbing supply of impure or unethically sourced gold.
August 30th 2019