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Copper Scrap ISRI Code : Dream

Light Scrap Copper

This category of copper scrap consists of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper solids having a minimum of 88% copper content. It may also include sheet copper, gutters and similar scrap.
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What Is Light Scrap Copper?

This category of copper scrap consists of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper solids having a minimum of 88% copper content. It may also include sheet copper, gutters, downspouts, kettles, boilers, and similar scrap. Generally, any thin gauge scrap copper or solid copper with a high surface area that has only surface oxidation can be categorized as light scrap copper.

ISRI Specification

This copper scrap grade is equivalent to the ISRI Code ‘Dream’, in accordance with the Scrap Specifications Circular 2017 released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

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Light Scrap Copper Price

The table below lists export price of Light Scrap Copper in different regions across the US as of March 2017



USA East Coast

$ 2.20 per Lb

USA Midwest

$ 2.19 per Lb

USA West Coast

$ 2.21per Lb

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How to sell Light Scrap Copper?

All local scrap yards dealing with scrap copper items will accept Light Scrap Copper. It is obviously the responsibility of the seller to identify the yard that offers the best price.

Given below are the names of a few scrap yards in the US that accept Light Scrap Copper.

  • Montgomery Scrap Corp., Rockville, Maryland.
  • Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal Co, Inc., Roanoke, Virginia.
  • Hobbs Iron & Metal, Hobbs, New Mexico.
  • Redline Metals, Lombard, Illinois.

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Want to sell large quantities of Light Scrap Copper?

Light Copper Scrap is commonly referred to as Roofing Copper or Sheet Copper Scrap.

Light Scrap Copper is one of the copper scrap categories that fetches good price by scrap yards. However, the prices are subject to market fluctuation, depending on demand and supply situation of the metal. It is advised to segregate your Light Scrap Copper from other metals so as to ensure best price. The vast volumes of scrap thus collected by scrap yards are sold into refineries or other industries depending on their use.

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