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Lead Scrap

ISRI Code : Rails, Rink, Rains

Lead Battery Scrap

Lead Acid Battery Scrap is the most commonly found Lead scrap.Lead Battery scrap is available in the form of Lead Battery Plates (Rails), Wet Whole Intact Batteries (Rink) and Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Batteries (Rains).

What Is Lead Battery Scrap?

Lead Acid Battery Scrap is the most commonly found Lead scrap. The automotive batteries become obsolete after three to five years of use. The tremendous rise in the number of vehicles is likely to produce increased quantities of Lead Battery Scrap in future.

It is punishable to ship lead acid batteries to overseas destinations for recycling, due to its hazardous nature. Normally, collection centers receive used batteries from consumers and transport them to authorized recycling centers for further processing.

Lead Battery scrap is available in the form of Lead Battery Plates (Rails), Wet Whole Intact Batteries (Rink) and Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Batteries (Rains).

Rails must be free of non-metallic materials such as plastic or rubber. The material must be dry. Separators may be included.

Rinks consist of starting, lighting and ignition batteries and a big list of other batteries including automotive and marine type batteries.

Rains must be free of any liquid. The cases must be either plastic or rubber and must be complete including caps.

ISRI Specification

As per the latest Scrap Specifications Circular 2017 released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Lead Battery Scraps are available in various forms covered by codes Rails, Rink and Rains.

For a complete list of scrap materials specifications, please Click Here

Lead Battery Scrap Price

Lead Acid Batteries are the main source of lead scrap for recycling, accounting for nearly 90% of the total lead scrap available for recycling. Used automobile batteries account for almost 85% of the total lead acid battery scrap.

The table below provides Lead Battery Scrap export prices as of mid-August, 2020.



North America, US East Coast

$0.33 per Lb

US Midwest, US West Coast

$0.33 per Lb


CNY 7,300 per MT


$820 per Tonne

Source : ScrapMonster

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Where can we sell Lead Battery Scrap?

The used Lead Acid Batteries are often collected by authorized collection centers that in turn transport them to recognized recycling yards. The recycling process has undergone dramatic changes over the past two decades. Initially, various mechanical processes were used to break used batteries. However, recycling processes currently employ innovative techniques to recycle hazardous lead acid batteries.

The following are some of the scrap yards in the US that accept Lead Battery Scrap.

  1. Harris Metals, Inc., Mattoon, Illinois.
  2. Metal Conversion Technologies, Cartersville, Georgia
  3. Kimes Steel, Hartford, West Virginia
  4. Accurate Recycling Inc., Farmingdale, New Jersey

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Having bulk quantity of Lead Battery Scrap with you?

Scrap yards are required to meet specific guidelines in order to become eligible to collect and recycle Lead Battery scrap. Authorized scrap yards must ensure that environmentally sound processing technologies are used to process these scrap, as careless handling of such scraps may lead to pollution of nearby environment.

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