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Aluminum Transformers

Aluminum Transformers are basically aluminum wires around a steel core. It may also contain an outer case surrounding the aluminum wiring.

What Are Aluminum Transformers?

Aluminum Transformers are basically aluminum wires around a steel core. It may also contain an outer case surrounding the aluminum wiring. They are often found in electrical systems. Aluminum Transformers can be of various sizes and capacities.

These transformers are similar in look to Copper Transformers. The only way to distinguish between them is by identifying the type of wiring around the core. After the wire is cut, if it is white in color, they are aluminum.

Aluminum Transformers Price

Small transformers are not worth pulling out. However, the heavier ones are valuable and worth scrapping. Proper scrapping and sorting of components into various scrap grades will fetch better prices than throwing it away as a single unit.

The table below provides Aluminum Transformer scrap export prices as of mid-August, 2020.



North America, US East Coast

$0.13 per Lb

US Midwest

$0.12 per Lb


CNY 8,150 per MT

US West Coast

$0.14 per Lb

Source : ScrapMonster

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Where can we sell Aluminum Transformers?

Often aluminum transformers are mistaken with copper transformers. To make things more confusing, some aluminum transformers have copper colored wire insulation on the outside. Before taking the transformer scrap to the yard, please ensure that aluminum transformers are separated from copper transformers.

All scrap yards generally accept Aluminum Transformer scrap. However, prices can vary from day to day. Compare the spot price offers made by various local yards to make maximum money from your scrap.

The following are some of the scrap yards in the US that accept Aluminum Transformers.

  1. Friedland Industries Inc., Lansing, Michigan.
  2. Smith Iron & Metal Co, Inc., Richmond, Virginia.
  3. Sgt. Scrap Iron & Metal, Pennsauken, New Jersey.
  4. Metro Metals Recycling, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Scrap Yard Finder is your best bet to help locate more scrap yards in your region.

Scrap Monster provides database that lists all of the scrap yards in the US and Canada.

Have bulk quantity of Aluminum Transformers with you?

Scrap yards often offer free pickup of bulk quantities of Aluminum Transformers from seller’s premises. Buy requests from across the globe can be checked by searching in Internet. The quantity and quality of the aluminum wiring often determines the final pricing of your Aluminum Transformer scrap.

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