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Wilson Metal Recycling
404 Maury Street S , Wilson, North Carolina, United States

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About Yard

Wilson Metal Recycling JG is the safest, best and largest full service Wilson Recycling Center for Wilson County scrap metal recycling. Many come to us from Rocky Mount, NC, Greenville, NC, as well as other areas. We also team with Raleigh Metal Recycling, www.raleighscrapmetalrecycling.com and Goldsboro Metal Recycling, www.goldsoroscrapmetalrecycling.com, so together we are the largest full service recycling centers in all of Eastern North Carolina. We have the largest Wilson scrap metal retail recycling center buying from the public, with 3 scales. We are not just a junkyard or salvage yard; we are a full service Wilson Recycling Center, meaning see us for Wilson NC Scrap Metal Recycling. We are the best Wilson, North Carolina scrap yard-Wilson Recycling Center with great prices per pound. We also sell tested and charges Used Car Batteries and Used Truck Batteries.


Wilson Metal Recycling here in NC was founded as hide trading operation in the early 1900s. In about 1925, Joseph S. Brown moved to Goldsboro, North Carolina from Dayton, Ohio in 1922 and opened Goldsboro Iron and Metal, which later bought this operation and turned it into a major Wilson scrap metal recycling center.Seymour Brown, also known as "Junk Brown" began running the company in 1937. Under Seymour, the company became the Emerald of Isle of the Scrap Metal Recycling business in North Carolina. He built the largest Scrap Metal Salvage operation in North Carolina. Having also purchased the location now known as Raleigh Metal Recycling, the Goldsboro and Raleigh locations became leaders in Scrap Metal Recycling: Scrap Steel, Scrap Copper, Scrap Aluminum, Scrap Brass, Junk Cars, (Salvage Cars) and even Aluminum Can recycling. When Seymour Brown died in 1993, his family had management, a lawyer and an accountant supervise the company.

The company became known as J & G (Jeff and Gail, Jeff's wife). The company continued to grow under Jeff's leadership. In 2013, Jeff approached Greg Brown, the owner of the Raleigh Metal Recycling and Goldsboro Metal Recycling and together they decided to invest in upgrading the operation and work as a team to run it.We are now becoming more of a full service Recycling company by buying, Lead Acid batteries, Electronics, Cardboard, Paper, Plastics and even Wood in some areas. Our 14 full time drivers make us the largest privately owned; Recycling only, focused fleet in North Carolina, offering great scrap metal prices for all kinds of metal and Junk Cars, including copper, aluminum, brass, Electronics, Computers, Salvage Cars and more for Wilson, Rocky Mount, Tarboro and more. We are a great Wilson recycling center and not just a junk yard or salvage yard.

Today, Raleigh Metal Recycling, Goldsboro Metal Recycling and Wilson Metal Recycling JG, are thriving as they process and buy all types of Scrap Steel, Scrap copper, scrap aluminum Junk Cars and Salvage Cars. Now the move to buy Electronics, Cardboard, Paper, Plastic and wood in some areas, at great prices with Great Service is a reality. Importantly though Safety is First as we continue to grow and improve on efficiency and most importantly, customer service. The Raleigh Center was even named as one of the "Fast 50". One of the 50 fastest growing companies in the "Triangle" Raleigh, Cary, Durham North Carolina.We are on the cutting edge of the recycling industry to improve our environment and to ensure competitive prices for a full range of materials. We are no longer a "scrap yard", but rather a Recycling Center offering the Best in Products and Services. Scrap Metal and Scrap Metal Recycling and Electronics, Cardboard, Paper, Plastics and Wood is our Business.

We buy from the public items that you would normally either bring to a Wilson County Convenience Center, Dump, or put in the trash. We buy broken and old appliances, aluminum cans, car/truck batteries, barbeque grills, scrap copper, wire, aluminum, electronics recycling and more. See our website for: What We Buy. Our operations are clean and our facilities are fully paved for you the public! Scrap Metal Recycling is what we do! If you want to know where to go to recycle scrap metal, come to us! We also SELL Used car batteries as well as truck and lawn and garden batteries to the public. All are specially load tested, fully charged and come with a 30 day exchange. If you are looking for a recycling center, "near me", come see us. If you want to know how much are our prices per pound and how much you will get, call us at 252-243-3586 for prices. We make it easy to Drop off old appliances, broken appliances, aluminum cans and more, as well as pay cash for them.

Wilson Metal Recycling started as a scrap metal recycler buying scrap iron and metal to recycle. We provide computerized data for LEED demolition and building/construction projects. Importantly, we combine our volume to get the best possible prices directly from steel mills and smelters, so we can offer you the best possible value! Call us at 252-243-3586 so we can be your full service recycling partner. We have great scrap metal prices per pound for your Demolition projects and great metal, cardboard and plastics from Industrial sites.


Recycling is a major source of income and a profit enhancer for many industrial companies when you sell scrap per pound. It also brings added income for electricians and plumbers, but the great news is, it is great for the environment and the U.S economy.Energy Efficiency - Manufacturing new steel beams from old iron and metal saves about 55% of the energy vs. making beams from mined iron ore. Manufacturing new aluminum cans from melted down scrap aluminum cans, saves 90% of the energy, vs. making cans from mined bauxite and alumina. Recycling plastics saves oil and recycling cardboard saves trees!U.S. Economy - We buy scrap metal, copper, aluminum, appliances, computers, plastic, wood and cardboard from factories and we buy "metal trash" from the public. We then process it with our millions of dollars of equipment and then importantly we ship to China, Korea and more. The metal trash we buy in Raleigh, we sell and ship to China. It comes back as iPads, computers and flat screen TVs. We are one of the largest exporters in North Carolina selling scrap metal, to China and creating jobs right here in Wilson, NC. Wilson Recycling Center at its best!

Our scales are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM in Wilson, NC. Fast in and out, so, you can even come in during your lunch. We even use real ATMs so you get paid fast. Scrap metal dealers and the public are welcome to deliver their products during these hours. We have the best Scrap Metal Prices per pound in the Wilson, NC, Rocky Mount, NC, Tarboro, NC are and more!


We provide professional and dependable hauling services to industrial plants, demolition contractors, auto-wrecking yards, fabricators, stamping operations, electrical contractors, farms, and anyone who generates scrap metals in volume. We keep our costs low, so we can offer you the best Scrap Metal Prices in the industry.We provide professional and dependable hauling/pick up services to industrial plants, demolition contractors, auto-wrecking yards, fabricators, stamping operations, electrical contractors, farms, and anyone who generates scrap metals in volume. We keep our costs low, so we can offer you the best Scrap Metal Prices in the industry. We utilize various styles and sizes of containers including roll-off boxes, lugger trays, 40'-53' trailers with sides, flat bed trailers, tilt hoppers and bins of various sizes depending upon the needs of our customers. We will even build a special container if necessary to accommodate our customers' special requirements. We have the best Scrap Metal, Salvage Yard in Raleigh and Goldsboro, buying Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, etc. Of course we have great prices per pound for copper, aluminum, Junk Cars and more. We are not just a Junk Yard or a Salvage Yard, we are the are the best in Recycling, so if you are looking for Where to get great scrap metal prices per pound for Copper, Aluminum, batteries, computers or more, come see us for all you Recycle!

Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling Wilson, NC, Tarboro, NC and more!

Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling are part of what we do here at Wilson Metal Recycling Center. We buy all types of Computers (laptops, pcs, Towers, Servers, and Mainframes) Printers, Copiers, UPS devices with Lead Acid Batteries and more. People think of Computer Disposal. We are Computer Recycling and e-waste Recycling. We do not think Electronic Waste, we think of Electronics Recycling.North Carolina currently bans computers and electronics from going to landfill and the good news is, we actually buy them! We buy them by the truck load or one at a time from the Public. Importantly, Computer Recycling is critical due some computers have some have toxic materials in them. Recycling them responsibly is what we do

Company Services
  • Steel Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
  • Plastic
  • Wood Recycling
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Yard Locations

404 Maury Street S
Wilson, North Carolina
United States
ZIP: 27893
(252) 243-3586

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