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One Earth Recycling
636 Front St, El Cajon, California, United States

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About Yard

This concept brings recycling into a boutique environment with crisp design and lighting patterned on today’s most successful retailers. Additionally, we offer a diverse portfolio of commercial recycling solutions, ranging from 100% guaranteed responsible IT recycling/remarketing to industrial scrap metal bin placement service.

Community outreach is in our DNA.

One Earth makes donating to local non-profit organizations easy and convenient. You can donate any percentage of your recycling monies to any of our NPO partners; whether or not you donate, we donate for every pound of qualifying transactions*.

Recycle. Get More Money. Shop Sustainably.Be Good To Your Future.

  • Land-filling is not sustainable; eventually we are going to run out of space.
  • Natural resources are finite: manufacturers enjoy substantial cost savings by incorporating recycled content into new products.
  • Mining of virgin resources like metals and petroleum for plastics is more expensive and more environmentally detrimental than recycling.
  • One Earth diverges from conventional "environmentalist" approaches: instead of demonizing consumption, we embrace consumerism and technology as the core of our unprecedented quality of life.
  • One Earth makes the responsible retirement of used goods an integrated part of the process of procuring new goods and services.

Residential Services

One Earth makes bottle and can recycling neat, easy, and LUCRATIVE. When you put bottles and cans on the curbside, your trash hauler is taking your money: with One Earth now you can get that money back when you go shopping.You can save some time by sorting, draining, and densifying bottles and cans before bringing them to One Earth, or utilize our One Earth Sorting StationTM to sort and drain material at our place.We pay for a wide range of bottles and cans, including plastic, aluminum, and glass containers as denoted by the mark CA REDEMPTION or CA CASH VALUE on the side of the package.

If you can't come to us, let us come to you.

One Earth can provide your organization with a complete range of services, to make profitable recycling a part of your operating model. We can provide custom-built containers, as well as fast, professional pick up service, to help your business help us save the planet. Please contact us today to find out more about One Earth's range of onsite recycling options.

Scrap Metal

One Earth Recycling pays TOP DOLLAR for a wide range of scrap metals, from categories including:

  • COPPER              
  • ALUMINUM              
  • BRASS              

We also aggressively buy steel scrap as well as hi temperature/aircraft alloys at our El Cajon processing facility, located at 636 Front St.

Electronics Scrap

One Earth offers a responsible, accountable e-recycling solution as part of the shopping landscape, 7 days a week.One Earth Recycling is part of a 3-generation, 30+ year old company that is among the pioneers of the electronic scrap industry in California. We specialize in marketing for reuse, but whatever can't be reused is responsibly recycled, and is completely spared from the waste stream. We accord with the strict CAL-EPA guidelines as a certified recycler of electronic equipment. Additionally, we guarantee identity security/data destruction in the case of data storage devices like hard drives and mobile phones. We use Department of Defense-approved software to achieve "soft" elimination of data in order to promote reuse; we can also certify physical destruction of hardware, according to your organization’s requirements.

Reuse vs. Recycle

One Earth Recycling specializes in marketing outdated electronic materials for reuse. Less affluent populations around the world desperately need Americans' cast-off technology: before designating e-scrap streams for recycling, we exhaust reuse possibilities for collected materials, either as whole units (i.e. erase data, recondition and re-market complete systems) or as sub-assemblies (i.e. farm out mother boards, hard drives, etc.). Besides extending the useful life of the "latest and greatest" of bygone eras and helping to bridge the "digital divide" between ourselves and less technologically advanced populations, reuse enables us to spare the energy required for full-blown recycling (shredding, smelting, etc.)

E-scrap vs. E-waste: A superficial distinction with substantial implications

We don't waste! It’s only "e-waste" if we fail; we "mine" e-scrap in the interest of conserving precious natural resources like virgin metals and petroleum (used in the manufacturing of plastics), and we only recycle once reuse options have been exhausted.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1Cell Phones
2Circuit Boards
3Keyboards / Mice
5 jam jars
6Beer bottles
7CRV Glass bottles
8 Radiators
13#1 & # 2 Plastic
14Mixed plastic bottles
Company Services
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
  • Stainless Steel Recycling
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
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Yard Locations

636 Front St
El Cajon, California
United States
ZIP: 92020
685 Saturn Blvd, Ste B
San Diego, California
United States
ZIP: 92154

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