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M & J Auto Recycling
355 New London Road Route 85 Colchester, CT 06415, Colchester, Connecticut, United States

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About Yard

M & J Auto Recycling is a privately owned automotive parts and scrap metal recycling business located in 
Colchester CT. Started in 1990 as a used automotive parts supplier, we quickly grew into Connecticuts largest 
automotive recycling and scrap metal processing facility covering over 75 acres between two locations. As an 
automotive recycler, we dismantle our vehicles in a new state of the art building using the latest technology for fluid reclamation and remove all usable parts. We go through a rigorous process of testing all useable parts from a salvaged automobile and catagorizing them for reuse. We offer a standard 90 day warranty and extended warranties on most parts. We ship daily using UPS and freight truck common carrier. Although we encourage going used, we offer a wide variety of new parts such as new sheet metal, headlights, taillights, oem (original equipment manufacture) european car parts, subaru parts, and many more.Every year in the U.S., approximately 15 million automobiles reach the end of their usable lives. When the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle, it is considered a “constructive total loss.” At this point, it is better to recycle the vehicle and purchase another. Here are some facts on the environmental benefits of recycling of automobiles:Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product. Each year, the steel industry recycles more than 14 million tons of steel from ELVs. This is equivalent to nearly 13 million automobiles.When comparing the amount of steel recycled from automobiles each year to the amount of steel used to produce new automobiles, automobiles maintain a recycling rate of nearly 100 percent.By weight, the typical passenger car consists of about 65 percent steel and iron. The steel used in car bodies is made with about 25 percent recycled steel.Recycling steel saves energy and natural resources. The steel industry annually saves enough energy to power about 18 million households for a year.Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. Recycled steel reduces the need for new iron ore to be mined, protecting the environment from the side effects of mining.Vehicles that would otherwise be left on the roadside or abandoned in empty lots can be legally obtained by licensed dismantlers and safely converted into reusable or recycled commodities.Steel is one of the few materials that can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality or strength. However, care must be taken in the recycling process to avoid contaminating the steel with other metals.Steel is the most recycled material in the world – nearly 70 million tons in the U.S. alone were processed in 2006.More steel is recycled annually than all other materials, including aluminum, glass and paper combined. Because recycling metal uses about 74 percent less energy than making new steel, the recycling of these vehicles saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil annually that would have been used in the manufacturing of new or replacement parts.Mercury auto switches were historically used in convenience lighting and antilock braking systems (ABS), and were found in some vehicles manufactured prior to the 2003 model year. There are an estimated 40 million mercury switches remaining in vehicles still in use. Removing and recycling these mercury switches from vehicles, before they are crushed and shredded for recycling, prevents mercury from escaping into the environment. In 2007, over 2,100 pounds of mercury were collected and 6,265 recyclers were participating in the program.Automotive fluids like transmission fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, motor oil and antifreeze can be processed and recycled into new fluids. Old motor oil can be refined, reconditioned or reprocessed to become usable again. Antifreeze is 100% recyclable and needs no refining or processing other than filtration.Batteries are the most recycled products in the U.S., having a 99 percent recycling rate.Tires are recyclable, and are used to make many products from sandals and roads to playground lanscaping that soften the fall for children.Fuel and other flammable liquids are recycled or reused as alternative fuels.

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355 New London Road Route 85 Colchester, CT 06415
Colchester, Connecticut
United States
ask@mjautorecycling.com , scrap@mjautorecycling.com

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