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Scrap Yards in Italy
29 Scrap Yards listed

Our company operates in the marker of scrap metal. We deal will big companies in Nothen Italy in order to…
Materials accepted : Not Specified
Corso Belvedere
Milano, Italy
I am buying Aluminium wire Aluminium alley whiles Autos parts Aluminium if any company have products ready to shipping contect…
Materials accepted : Not Specified
Via johann kerer satret 13
Via johann kerer satret 13
Bolzano-Bozen, Italy
Manera Silvio Srl houses one of the major cable granulation plant on the Italian territory that is able to process…
Materials accepted : Not Specified
Via Dottor Luigi Ceriana
Varese, Italy
Mirabelli Srl based in Ronco Scrivia has been operating for generations in the recovery and trade of non-ferrous ferrous scrap in…
Materials accepted :  6 items
Ronco Scrivia
Via Delle Piane 83
Genova, Italy
Borra Metalli provides a complete and certified service for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, collecting them…
Materials accepted :  2 items
Palazzolo sull Oglio BS
Via Camillo Golgi, 49
Brescia, Italy
Active for about seventy years, Bandinelli SpA has been operating in the ferrous…
Materials accepted :  3 items
Via Valli 16
Mantova, Italy
Founded over forty years ago by Vincenzo Schino and Domenica Franco, later assisted by the eight children and…
Materials accepted :  7 items
Str. Vicinale Glomerelli, 10
Bari, Italy
Montello S.p.A. is located in an industrial area of approximately 450,000 square meters, of which 120,000 are covered.…
Materials accepted :  4 items
Via Fabio Filzi 5
Bergamo, Italy
Born two generations ago in the province of Bergamo, GV Macero…
Materials accepted :  4 items
Via G. Garibaldi, 26 / A
Bergamo, Italy
FG Srl since 1974 in Sicily is the reference point in the recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste ; Thanks…
Materials accepted :  8 items
Strada Comunale San Todaro, 20
Catania, Italy
BOX3 is the owner of a non-hazardous, special and urban waste management…
Materials accepted :  4 items
Via delle Gerbere, 25
Roma, Italy
Bellifemine Recycling collects scrap material on site, using suitable containers (equipped with spiders and roll-off containers), taking care of the…
Materials accepted :  5 items
State Road 16 Km. 772.300
Bari, Italy
Minello Auto Recycling Srl is a leading company in the automotive sector. Thanks to the experience, the quality and the…
Materials accepted :  3 items
Via Postumia Romana Ovest, 14
Treviso, Italy
Materials accepted :  3 items
Alzate Brianza
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 538
Como, Italy
The company "La Metal Recuperi" has been in business since 1985 and is fully involved in scrap recovery,…
Materials accepted :  9 items
Via Camillo Golgi, 26
Brescia, Italy
The Company was founded more than 30 years…
Materials accepted :  10 items
Via Marconi, 29
Milano, Italy
Metalplastrade Srl  works for the recovery of waste from industrial, commercial, artisanal, packaging production,…
Materials accepted :  3 items
Via Monte Napoleone, 8
Milano, Italy
Modenese Rottami srl was founded in 1985 with headquarters in Modena and operates mainly in the…
Materials accepted :  3 items
Str. Nazionale per Carpi Nord, 990
Modena, Italy
Fercart SRL DI Montagnana performs purchase and recovery of iron and metallic scrap and is authorized Self-Breaker. The…
Materials accepted :  2 items
Via del Lavoro 1
Padova, Italy
Assisi Raffineria Metalli is a company…
Materials accepted :  4 items
Via Unita d Italia 78/80
Brescia, Italy
As a company attentive to ecological transition and environmental sustainability , the Cancellieri company is also able to provide ecological…
Materials accepted :  3 items
Via R. Wagner, 6/8 Nero
Genova, Italy
The Free Metals company was essentially born from the desire not to waste the enormous professional, technical and…
Materials accepted :  9 items
Capriano del Colle
Via Industriale 47/49
Brescia, Italy
Materials accepted :  2 items
Via Chatillon, 10
Piedmont, Italy
The area on which the industrial building owned by COMET Recycling Srl stands with an area of ​​5,902 [m²] is…
Materials accepted :  8 items
Via Montegrappa, 41 / A
Savona, Italy
EUROREC Srl was built on the experience acquired by its founders. Our company is based in Friuli Venezia…
Materials accepted :  2 items
Viale dell Unione Europea, 17
Udine, Italy
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