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Elgin Recycling-Elgin,IL
660 Schiller St, Elgin, Illinois, United States

Memberships : R2 Solutions,ISRI,National Recycling Coalition (NRC),
About Yard

In 1978 Bob and Claudia Conroy started an independent silver recycling business. Before digital imagery came about, photographic film was used to capture images. When making photographic film, silver nitrate is treated with halide salts of sodium or potassium to form insoluble silver halide and then is applied to the film strips. They would reclaim the silver nitrate off of photographic film and x-ray film. Once the silver had been reclaimed, they would send it to refiners to recycle the silver nitrate further.

In 1983 they determined that the only way to make the most off the reclaimed silver nitrate was to refine it themselves. They started refining their own silver and smelting their own silver into bullion form. They would also refine the silver slug off of the electrolytic machines of dark rooms and hospitals. When refining the slug they were able to turn it into bars and make it 98% – 99% pure silver. By doing this they were able to ensure they could be paid top dollar when selling it to be refined further.

can_truckA friend of Bob and Claudia’s, who was also in the silver refining business, was in the scrap metal business as well. He recommended that they open a scrap yard in addition to their silver recycling. In his opinion, “it would be the wave of the future”. Since digital imagery was coming into play and starting to phase out photographic film, and with the shortage of metals and overall world growth, Bob and Claudia felt it could be their way to have a hand in helping out our environment. Since Bob had a construction background, they initially jumped into the aluminum recycling part of their business by visiting jobs sites looking for scrap aluminum siding. In 1986 Bob started picking up siding at smaller housing projects and would weigh and pay them for their material on the spot. This was convenient for the siders and helped Bob establish himself as a convenient, fair and friendly scrap man. Claudia took care of all financials and played an intricate role in growing their recycling business.

After achieving success with their one man - one truck operation, Bob & Claudia opened their first buy back center in Palatine in 1987. They started to spread the word that they now had a drop off location and would pay them a higher price if they would bring the siding in. Our Palatine facility's name began as American Aluminum Recycling. At our new facility siding and aluminum cans had now become a big focus of the business. Eventually they started gravitating towards recycling copper and brass as well. Soon, American Aluminum Recycling became a full service, non-ferrous recycling facility.

DSC00662Early on, the Conroy’s were interested in educating the youth about recycling and working within the community. They set up a recycling program at their children’s grade school for recycling aluminum cans and donated all the proceeds to the school's learning center. Participating in the community is still a focus of our company today with educational tours, classroom visits, recycling programs and more.

As the business grew, Bob and Claudia decided to expand and purchased a building in Elgin under the name Elgin Recycling. After opening in 1993, their Elgin facility soon became their most profitable location and the company's main office. Over time Bob and Claudia decided to expand their business in Crystal Lake by opening Crystal Lake Recycling in 2005.

Shortly thereafter we bought a truck with a few roll off trailers and ventured to begin the ferrous side of our business. The ferrous side was really starting to gain steam within our company platform and Elgin Recycling was establishing a good name for itself within the industry.

As the times were changing in the world, Elgin Recycling realized there is a greater need for recycling than just ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In 2006, Elgin Recycling expanded its' metals operation into the electronic, plastic, paper and cardboard industries. As technology becomes increasingly important in today's world, Elgin Recycling felt it was their responsibility to play a part in recycling any e-waste that could come their way.

brining_in_cansEventually, it was time to brand the company under one name, Elgin Recycling. Our first website went live in 2008 and change was on the horizon. The business had out grown the Elgin facility and we needed to establish new roots. The decision became clear to purchase another facility that would become our main office, steel yard and main processing facility in Gilberts, IL in 2009. We moved in quickly and with markets at an all time high, Elgin Recycling saw an opportunity to expand its ferrous option a block away in Gilberts.

We now have 5 Full Service public locations within the Chicago-land area. We service our customers nationally and with our fleet of trucks and containers we can service the smallest to largest accounts. Bob and Claudia feel that our company has a responsibility to the community and the environment and instills this commitment within the company culture today. We started as a small family owned business that cared about the customer and our employees and today remain the same family owned business with equal values.

Recycling Services

At Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we customize our recycling services to meet your specific needs. From the buying and sorting of metal to the processing and shipping, our recycling service is tailored to meet the individual needs of all our customers. Whether you have 10 pounds of aluminum cans or 40,000 pounds of copper, we are equipped to recycle your material in the most efficient manner. We use shredders, shears, and balers to prepare your material for mills all over the world.Read through the descriptions below to learn more about the different types of recycling services we provide here at Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal:

  • Recycling Drop-off: We have 5 full-service recycling drop-off centers, 3 of which are equipped with truck scales to provide the service and convenience you require for all your recycling needs.

  • Residential Recycling: For our residential recycling service, we accept a wide range of materials in our recycling centers, from household items and fixtures like pots and pans, aluminum window frames, and stainless steel sinks, to outdoor equipment and furniture such as lawnmowers and lawn chairs.

  • Business and Contractors Recycling: Do your part in saving the environment while turning your business's scrap materials into revenue! We provide different types of recycling services for our customers in the industrial, commercial, and construction industries, from paper recycling to scrap metal and electronics recycling.

  • Scrap Pick-up: Whether you want a live load, a regularly scheduled pick-up, a weigh and pay on site, or a swap of a roll-off box for your recyclables, Elgin Recycling ensures on-time delivery of materials and friendly, reliable service.

  • Brokerage: Move your recyclable materials anywhere in the country with our help! Let us handle all the details—from pick-up and recycling, to getting you the best rates for your scrap.

    Demolition: From standard demolition jobs to taking down multi-level structures, we have the equipment, expertise, and connections needed for the task. Elgin works in partnership with demolition companies all over the country, ensuring that only qualified and experienced specialists will meet your demolition needs.

Due to the dangers involved with certain materials, we do not recycle the following:

  • Ammunition Shells
  • Materials containing asbestos
  • Magnesium
  • Oil Filled Materials
  • Mercury or materials containing mercury
  • Pressurized Tanks
  • Material containing refrigerant
  • Radioactive Materials
  • PCB's
  • Glass
  • CRT's and tube TV's with cracked or broken screens (for businesses)
  • CRT's and tube TV's from residents

Environmental Sustainability: Different Ways to Recycle

Here at Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we maintain a fervent commitment to our environment and our community. As stated in our environmental policy, we promote different ways to recycle and are committed to conducting business in an environmentally ethical manner. Through every aspect of our operations, the safety of our customers and employees are a top priority.

We have received our R2 Certification within our electronics facility, which further demonstrates our commitment to safety as well as data security for our customers. In addition to our devotion to safety and environmental sustainability, we are equally dedicated to the communities in which we work and live.

We sponsor numerous local charities and work with our surrounding villages to set up recycling programs and educational seminars on sustainable recycling. Recycling dates back to ancient times and for good reason; reducing waste, reusing or repurposing end of life items, and recycling those which cannot be reused help to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations.

Here at Elgin Recycling & Scrap Metal, we offer residential and commercial customers different options for recycling their materials. Aside from hosting educational seminars and programs, we also offer a wide range of recycling services such as scrap metal, electronics, paper, and plastic recycling, recycling drop-offs, and scrap pick-ups.

Materials Accepted
Company Services
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Cell Phone Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
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