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Camarillo Recycling, Inc-Camarillo, CA
532 Dawson Dr. #2 , Camarillo, California, United States

Memberships : ISRI
About Yard

We provide Quick, Friendly and Reliable Service.

Serving Ventura County communities of Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Moorpark, and surrounding areas since 1987.

Preparation of Non-Ferrous Metals

We recycle virtually all non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum, non-magnetic stainless steel, nickel, titanium, etc). However, we don't pay for steel or ferrous items. If you are not sure, check with a magnet. If the magnet sticks, it is steel.For receiving top prices, non-ferrous metals must be clean & dry, separate from other materials, and free of any contamination such as steel screws, grease, dirt, rubber, etc. or the value may drop considerably (due to labor and other costs).

Aluminum Recycling Facts

  • A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the grocery shelf as a new can, in as little as 60 days. That's closed loop recycling at its finest!
  • Used aluminum beverage cans are the most recycled item in the U.S., but other types of aluminum, such as siding, gutters, car components, window frames, and lawn furniture can also be recycled.
  • Recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy, and produces 95% less air & water pollution, compared to using virgin ore.
  • An aluminum can takes 200-500 years to decompose!
  • There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can, can be recycled.
  • Recycling one pound of aluminum saves 8 pounds of bauxite (aluminum ore), 4 pounds of chemicals and 7 kWh of electricity.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours -- or the equivalent of a half a can of gasoline.
  • At one time, aluminum was more valuable than gold!

Copper Recycling Facts

  • The U.S. produces about 8% of the world's copper supply: Almost one-half of domestic copper is recovered from recycled material with the rest generated from newly mined ore.
  • In 2010, U.S. recyclers processed 1.8 million metric tons of copper for domestic use and export.
  • The processing of recycled copper requires much less energy than the processing of new copper from virgin ore, providing huge energy savings and reducing carbon emissions

Plastic Recycling Facts

  • One plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose.
  • Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.
  • Producing new plastic products from recycled materials uses two-thirds less energy than is required to make products from raw (virgin) materials.
  • Recycling one ton of plastic bottles saves approximately 3.8 barrels of oil.
  • Recycling 15 half-liter bottles produces enough fiber-fill to make a ski jacket.
  • Recycling one bottle can save enough energy to run a 100-watt light bulb for 3 1/2 hours.
  • Recycled plastics are used to make trash cans, carpets, playground equipment, plastic lumber, pipes, fences, toys, binders, pallets, clothing and many other items.

Glass Recycling Facts

  • The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle can run a 100-watt light bulb for four hours or a CFL bulb for 20 hours.
  • It also causes 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution than when a new bottle is made from raw materials.
  • Mining and transporting raw materials for glass produces about 385 pounds of waste for every ton of glass that is made.
  • If recycled glass is substituted for half of the raw materials, the waste is cut by more than 80%.
  • For every ton of new glass produced, 28 pounds of air pollution is created.
  • Recycling glass reduces that pollution by 14-20%.
    Recycling glass saves 25-32% of the energy used to make new glass, partly because making glass from recycled material allows manufacturers to run their furnaces at lower temperatures.
Company Services
  • Aluminum Cans Recycling
  • Crv Glass Containers Recycling
  • Crv Plastics Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
  • Brass Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Electronics Recycling
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Yard Locations

532 Dawson Dr. #2
Camarillo, California
United States
ZIP: 93012

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