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C & I Electronics
1700 N. Lafayette Avenue, Evansville, Indiana, United States

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1700 N. Lafayette Avenue
Evansville, Indiana
United States
ZIP: 47711
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MondayFrom 9:00 am To 5:00 pm
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About Yard

C & I Electronics is an R2:2013 Certified Electronics Recycler located in Evansville IN.  We offer our electronics recycling services to both business and residents.   Established in 1994, C & I Electronics began as a refurbishment and repair facility and soon thereafter added material separation and recovery to its list of services which now also includes equipment pickup services and secure data destruction.    To us recycling means “reuse” first.  Each piece of equipment that passes through our facility is looked at for potential refurbishment and repair.  We follow R2:2013 guidelines in the handling and refurbishment of equipment.  Our goal is to ensure that the equipment we sell matches the needs of our customer and the quality of our products are well above minimum standards.

C & I Electronics was founded in 1994 by Scott and Donna Dill. The company originally began as an electronics repair center for commercial and industrial electronics. Electronics recycling and asset recovery began in 1996, a spin-off of the repair business. Repair, refurbishment, resale of used equipment, and electronics recycling have continued to be the focus of our business today. Our company employs over 20 full time workers. Business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Material separation and recovery
RecycleBut let’s be realistic. A good percentage of the equipment we receive cannot and should not be returned to operation due to its age or condition. Again we follow R2:2013 guidelines in the proper recycling, separation and recovery of the complex materials that make up electronics. Much of this is performed manually by our skilled work force. Here, we take a second look at reuse by removing potential useable parts for further testing and resell. The bare metal cases, plastic covers, printed circuit boards and other materials are separated for further processing. The goal: to process the material for its commodity content. The recovered commodities can be reused again in the manufacture of new parts and products. The result is very little waste ends up in our landfills.

Environmental Policy

C & I Electronics Co., Inc. (C & I Electronics) is committed to the reuse and recycling of used and end of life electronics and any or all other materials associated with this process such as paper or plastics. Our goal is to reuse and recycle large quantities of electronics from our regional area and demonstrate that a qualified electronics recycler can exist and thrive in a smaller market by reaching a higher percentage of the market. Our policy is to promote the reuse of equipment over recycling, as it is more economically and environmentally responsible, while continuing to expand the reach of our recycling services in and around our community to reduce the amount of electronics entering the landfill. In order to manage this process in a systematic way, we have established an integrated Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) which conforms to three internationally recognized standards: R2, the Responsible Recycling of Electronics, ISO 14001, an Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001, an Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. The general EHSMS principals that C & I Electronics commits to are: 

  • the reuse instead of recycling of equipment when possible
  • the prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste
  • the prevention of injury and ill health
  • an assessment of health and safety hazards\risks, as well as environmental aspects and impacts that appropriately pertain to the organization
  • the identification and compliance to applicable legal and other requirements that relate to the EHSMS and the R2 Standard
  • the creation of policies, objectives, procedures, and plans that make up the EHSMS, which will be documented, maintained, and checked periodically as defined within the system
  • continual improvement of the EHSMS as measured by the systems' performance
  • the communication of EHSMS obligations and expectations to both our employees and to the public in a variety of ways
  • conformance to the principals of the R2 standard that follow a "reuse, recover, energy recovery, dispose" hierarchy of responsible management of electronics for recycle
  • the development of and adherence to C & I Electronics' Focus Material Plan to ensure that electronics are recycled in the most environmentally responsible manner
  • the development, continual improvement, and adherence to C & I Electronics' Quality Assurance Plan and related procedures for the reuse of equipment
  • a periodic review of the EHSMS and R2 guidelines to ensure the system remains relevant and appropriate to the organization's needs

What we don’t take

  • Flourescent Light Bulbs
  • Lead acid Batteries with the exception of UPS Batteries
  • Other loose batteries (we do take the batteries within the electronics)
  • White goods including refrigerators, stoves, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers etc..
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Loose plastic
  • Aluminum cans
  • Scrap steel
Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1Cell Phones
2Circuit Boards
3Floppy Disks
4Keyboards / Mice
Company Services
  • Electronics Recycling
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