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W1 Drill Rod - Tool Steel

W1 Drill Rod - Tool Steel


W1 Drill Rod, is the most popular, versatile, and least expensive grade of drill rod. Water hardening grade is intended to meet the needs of the machine shop for average workwhere better grades of tool steel drill rod are not required. W1 Drill Rod has a high carbon content allowing it to be used often without heat treatment, for maintenance applications. The highest quality, water hardening carbon tool steel, controlled for hardenability and subject to the most rigid tests to ensure maximum uniformity in performance, with a composition held to closest limits. Treats evenly and provides toughness and maximum wear resistance. W1 Drill Rods are ground to a surface finish of better than 40 micro inches and are free from defects and decarburization.

W1 drill rod is a 1% carbon water hardening tool steel that has superior machinability over all the other tool steel drill rods. W1 provides good wear resistance and toughness for the short run, but will not give tool life as extensive as O-1.

The W1 tool steel round rod has been precision ground and polished, meets American Society for Testing and Materials International ASTM A681 and Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J437 specifications, and has a precision tolerance. The W1 tool steel grade has high carbon content for hardness and provides excellent machinability when hardened in water following heat treatment. The polished finish offers a smooth surface with few imperfections. The rod has been ground to achieve the precise shape and size.

A water-hardening 1% carbon alloy, this grade is used where a simple heat treatment is more important than either wear resistance or high dimensional stability during heat-treating. W-1 has many general metalworking applications, but doesn’t provide tool life equal to O-1 material.

  • Specifications: ASTM A686, AISI W1
  • AKA: W1 round, W1 Drill Steel, Drill Rods
  • Applications: dies, stamps, punches, taps, dies, knives, etc.
  • Tolerances: Diameter = +/- .0005"


Rockwell Hardness is abo ut 56C ,low Corrosion Resistance, low Resistance to Heat Softening, Shallow Depth of Hardening, medium Weldability, medium Wear Resistance, medium Strength, high Machinability, highest Grindability , High Distortion in Heat Treating, high Overall Toughness, high Decarburization Resistance.


Typical applications for W1 drill rod are shafts, pins, taps, drills, punches, arbors, machinery parts, cold forming tools, blacksmithing tools, woodworking tools, chisels, etc.

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