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6Al-4V ELI
6Al-4V ELI is one of the most widely used Titanium alloys…
C1018 Cold Finish Hexagon
C1018 Cold Finish Hexagon, is a rolled steel product with close…
Threaded Rods
Threaded Rods and Studs are intended for situations when…
 360 brass hex bar
The 360 brass hex bar with H02 temper is unpolished, meets American…
COMEX Copper
2.852 0.00
SHFE Aluminum
14285.00 -115
#1 Copper
2.45 +0.02
Aluminum Radiators
0.35 +0.01
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75812 Photo
Christopher Jones @75812
20 Jan 2020
Millberry Copper scrap available for shipping 99.9% purity Email
75812 Photo
Christopher Jones @75812
19 Jan 2020
Millberry copper cathode available for shipping supply