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4140 Alloy Steel Flat Bar - Alloy Steel

4140 Alloy Steel Flat Bar - Alloy Steel


4140 Alloy Steel Flat Bar is an cold drawn annealed steel of relatively high hardenability with its chromium content provides good hardness penetration, and the molybdenum imparts uniformity of hardness and high strength. This material can be heat treated for higher hardness. The bar has been cold finished, a process of removing the outer layer to achieve the specified dimensions. The material has been annealed, a method of heating and cooling metal to modify its properties, such as increasing its formability and toughness or decreasing its strength, after it has been shaped.

 The 4140 alloy steel rectangular bar has been cold finished and annealed, has an unpolished (mill) surface, and has a standard tolerance. The 4140 alloy steel grade contains chromium and molybdenum for high strength and has good machinability. 4140 Alloy Steel Flat responds well to heat-treatment and is relatively easy to machine in the annealed condition. 4140 Alloy Steel Flat has good strength and wear resistance, excellent toughness, coupled with good ductility, and the ability to resist stress at elevated temperatures.

  • Specifications: ASTM A331, AISI 4140
  • AKA: CDA Alloy Flat, 4140 Rectangle Bar
  • Applications: brake dies, fixtures, jigs, blades, tool holders, etc. 
  • Workability: Moderate to Weld, Cut and Machine.
  • Mechanical Properties: Brinell = 223, Tensile = 102,000 +/-,  Yield = 90,000 +/-


4140 can be used for as wide variety of applications where greater toughness and wear resistance is needed over lower carbon grades. Typical applications include strippers, holder blocks, mold bases, ejectors, back up and support tooling, fixtures, jigs, molds, cams, drill collars, bolts, stubs, couplings, reamer bodies, axles, shafting, piston rods, rams, hydraulic machinery shafts, gears, sprockets, gear racks, valves, chain links, spindles, tool bodies, tool holders, tie rods, boring bars, guides, tracks, ways, slides, wear strips or parts, forming dies, brake dies, trim dies, bolsters, machinery parts and components, etc. This material roll threads, knurls, and may be plated.

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