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ITRI is a not for profit membership based organisation limited by guarantee. It represents the tin industry and is supported by the world's most important tin producers and smelters. ITRI’s principal aim is to support and encourage the use of tin in existing and new applications.
Articles by ITRI
Sodium-ion Battery Edges Closer to Lithium-ion Performance with Tin
However, sodium-ion batteries do not yet have the energy density to compete with lithium-ion batteries…
TinJanuary 13th 2021
Alphamin Beats Guidance, Aims to Increase Production Further
Furthermore, the company are looking at expanding mining operations.
TinJanuary 13th 2021
Illuminating Research on Tin Perovskite Solar Cells
The solar electricity market is expanding at around 20% year-on-year to provide affordable, low-carbon electricity…
TinJanuary 5th 2021
Bacteria Recover Tin From E-Waste
Since November 2019, the team have partnered with UK IT life-cycle service market leader N2S.
TinDecember 18th 2020
Low-cost Tin Catalyst Discovered for Hydrogen Cells
Despite their cost being more appropriate than platinum-group metals, the durability of MNC catalysts currently…
TinDecember 16th 2020
Tin Helps Turn Waste Into Hydrogen in Sunlight
Eight different alcohols were shown to successfully generate hydrogen when exposed to the tin oxide…
TinDecember 9th 2020
EnviroLeach Recovers Tin From E-Waste
Looking forward, a challenge for EnviroLeach will be finding a suitable and reliable PCBA feedstock…
TinDecember 2nd 2020
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