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Area 5 Take Renison Up A Notch
On top of the work at Area 5, the Metallurgical Improvement Program is also underway.
October 22nd 2020
ITA to Join LME Week Responsible Sourcing Panel
ITA will introduce the latest due diligence standard for tin smelters which has been designed…
October 22nd 2020
Pandemic Not All Bad News For Tin
Lead-acid battery tin use survey data saw little effect of the pandemic, growing by 2.0% in 2019…
October 21st 2020
Alphamin On Target Despite Q3 Stumble
The plan to do this could be set in motion by the year’s end.
October 19th 2020
Drilling Demonstrates South Crofty Potential
These mineralised vein-like structures, or “lodes”, were mined up until the mine closed in 1998.
October 12th 2020
Mining Changes Boost Redmoor Economics
The main driver behind the improved economics was the reconfiguration of the mining plan.
October 9th 2020
Coronavirus Cuts Bolivian Tin Production
In terms of refined tin production, the state smelter EM Vinto produced some 2,890 tonnes in…
October 9th 2020
Returning Smelters Reduce Imports; Myanmar Flooding to Pressure China Supply
Earlier in the year, the Myanmar-China border had strict COVID restrictions, slowing exports.
October 2nd 2020
Pyrkakay Acquisition Boosts Rusolovo’s Resources
The company’s existing deposits contained a combined 167,000 tonnes of contained tin, but this has…
October 2nd 2020
Elementos Progresses Oropesa on Multiple Fronts
The company is definitely bullish in this regard. Elementos has identified an exploration target of between 35.5…
September 30th 2020