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Constrained Chinese Market Struggles to Source Tin
Customs data also show that China imported over 12,500 tonnes of tin ore and concentrate…
December 4th 2019
London Tin Seminar 2019: Weak Demand Continues, But Better Times Ahead
The global tin market may be small compared to other base metals, but it is…
December 3rd 2019
AfriTin Raise £3.8m to Continue Uis Development
Along with the funding announcement, AfriTin also issued an update on progress at Uis.
November 28th 2019
EU to Probe Metallo-Auribis Merger
Aurubis agreed to purchase Metallo Group in May as part of a move to become…
November 21st 2019
MacDermid Alpha Acquires Kester Solder
Kester was founded in 1899 as the Chicago Solder Company to produce an innovative flux-cored…
November 21st 2019
ITA and RMI Demonstrate Assurance Leadership in Tin Due Diligence
The Criteria will enable audit firms and their individual auditors to conduct rigorous and consistent…
November 14th 2019
ITA Meet with IRBC Metals Agreement and Embassy of the Netherlands on Responsible Sourcing
The purpose of the meeting was to exchange views on how the Dutch initiated Agreement…
November 14th 2019
MSC: Outlook Weakened by Low Solder Demand
Although the company will begin operating its new ISASMELT furnace in early 2020, following now-underway…
November 13th 2019
Bridge Collapse Dampens Bisie Outlook
The company expects repairs to the bridge to take around 8 weeks and to be…
November 13th 2019
SMM See Tin Price Breaching US$ 20,000 in 2020
SMM data, as well as ITA figures, indicate that refined tin production in China has…
November 8th 2019