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AIIS Update: US DOC Investigations Initiated During September 2017
On September 5, 2017, Commerce issued its preliminary affirmative countervailing duty determination on carbon and…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2017
The US recommends repeal of sections of Dodd-Frank ‘conflict minerals’ disclosure
The US Treasury Department has recommended repeal of four sections of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial…
TinOctober 16th 2017
Global Lead Market Ends Jan-Aug '17 in Deficit of 119 kt
The provisional data released by ILZSG indicates that world lead metal demand exceeded supply, thereby…
LeadOctober 13th 2017
New Analysis Illustrates Progress in Responsible Tin Sourcing
Global Witness recently released 'Time to Dig Deeper' in which they reviewed progress of annual…
TinOctober 13th 2017
DOC Finding: China and India Subsidized Tubing Exports to the US
Subsidy rates for China ranged from 33.31-35.69 percent, while subsidy rates for India were from…
Steel NewsOctober 13th 2017
China Implemented Aggressive Steel Output Cuts in late September
Chinese authorities have reportedly been more aggressive recently in conducting environmental investigations of steel mills.
Steel NewsOctober 13th 2017
Refined Zinc Market Deficit Widened During Jan-Aug ‘17
The global demand for refined zinc metal rose marginally by 0.6% to 9.228 million tonnes…
ZincOctober 12th 2017
The US Exported 20% More Copper Waste and Scrap in Jan-Aug '17
The top five destinations of US copper waste and scrap exports were China, Canada, Germany,…
CopperOctober 12th 2017
Steel Imports Investigation on Hold Until After Tax Reform
In April, President Donald Trump directed the Commerce Department to initiate the investigation of the…
Steel NewsOctober 12th 2017
Report Spotlights Steel Innovations That Lead to Sustainable Solutions
As per estimates, nearly 7.2 million tonnes (Mt) of steel packaging is recycled every year.…
Steel NewsOctober 11th 2017
worldsteel Report Spotlights Sustainability Achievement of Steel Industry
The sector reported improved safety metrics with the lost time injury frequency rate falling from…
Steel NewsOctober 10th 2017
Turkey Imported 12.9 Million Tons of Scrap During Jan-Aug ‘17
On the other hand, Turkish steel imports dropped considerably by over 18% to 10.3 million…
Steel NewsOctober 10th 2017
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