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April 4th 2016 Australian battery storage developer Redflow Ltd. has announced the launch of 100% recyclable solar home battery system.
March 9th 2016 According to the battery stewardship organization, its 2015 collections totaled nearly 12.6 million pounds. This is the nineteenth consecutive year that the collections have reported year-on-year increase.
March 4th 2016 The latest figures published by the Environment Agency indicate that the battery collection rate by the UK fell short of the yearly target of 40% in 2015.
February 8th 2016 Atlanta-based Call2Recycle Inc. has decided to run a month-long consumer awareness campaign in honor of National Battery Day which falls on Feb 18th.
February 3rd 2016 Call2Recycle Inc. in tie-up with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has officially announced the launch of the statewide single-use battery recycling program.
January 20th 2016 Atlanta-based product stewardship organization, Call2Recycle Inc. has reported record collections during the year 2015.
January 11th 2016 The latest report published by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) predicts considerable increase in electric vehicle battery recycling rates.
January 1st 2016 The Washington State Department of Ecology is planning to revisit the state’s 25-year old regulations on vehicle car battery recycling.
December 1st 2015 The panel members at the recently held 2015 CMRA Convention noted that trade policy measures by Chinese authorities has blocked flow of nonferrous scrap into the country.
November 16th 2015 Aqua Metals Inc. has secured $10 million in loan from Green Bank in conjunction with a 90% loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development.
October 19th 2015 Call2Recycle has urged Canadians to dispose off used batteries and cell phones during the Waste Reduction Week from October 19th to 25th.
October 6th 2015 The demand for Li-ion batteries are expected to see tremendous rise during the forthcoming years, says the International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR) 2015 held recently in Montreux, Switzerland.
October 1st 2015 The worldwide battery market reported robust growth of 5% per annum between 1990 and 2014, says Christophe Pillot of Avicenne Energy.
September 15th 2015 Representatives from e-scrap firms met to discuss on a policy on laptop batteries. The meeting was held during the recently concluded E-Scrap Conference 2015 held in Orlando, Florida.