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Battery Recycling
Call2Recycle launches all-battery recycling service in the US
The expanded battery recycling program now includes a new single-use battery recycling option.
Battery RecyclingApril 17th 2017
Call2Recycle entails increased battery recycling on National Battery Day
Call2Recycle noted that National Battery Day is a celebration of the vital role played by…
Battery RecyclingFebruary 15th 2017
Johnson Controls and Aqua Metals sign strategic deal on lead recycling
As per the agreement, Johnson Control will supply batteries to recycle, as part of the…
Battery RecyclingFebruary 10th 2017
Three recycling companies fined for alleged participation in a pricing cartel
The three companies will have to pay fines amounting to US$ 72.4 million in total.
Battery RecyclingFebruary 9th 2017
Call2Recycle's used battery collection hits record high in 2016
The consumer battery recycling stewardship organization reported its best year of collection in 2016.
Battery RecyclingFebruary 1st 2017
Battery recycling market to register 10.9% CAGR growth
According to the report, the recent exponential growth in portable devices has led to tremendous…
Battery RecyclingJanuary 6th 2017
Aqua Metals’ sustainability efforts notches twin recognitions
Oakland, California-based Aqua Metals Inc. has won two major awards in recognition of their sustainability…
Battery RecyclingNovember 7th 2016
Aqua Metals' Nevada facility casts first recycled lead ingot
The company press release claimed that the lead produced in its flagship Nevada facility using…
Battery RecyclingNovember 2nd 2016
Study Report pinpoints Lead Acid Battery Recycling as the most polluting industry
According to the report, these ten industries collectively put over 32 million people at risk…
Battery RecyclingOctober 27th 2016
Aqua Metals celebrate grand opening of $30 million Nevada battery recycling facility
Oakland, California-based Aqua Metals Inc. has announced opening of Bay Area, Nevada battery recycling plant.
Battery RecyclingAugust 2nd 2016
Call2Recycle Says Battery Recycling has Reached New Highs
A record 7.3 million pounds of single-use and rechargeable batteries have been recycled in 2016…
Battery RecyclingJuly 23rd 2016
Redflow launches ‘fully recyclable’ solar battery system
Australian battery storage developer Redflow Ltd. has announced the launch of 100% recyclable solar home…
Battery RecyclingApril 4th 2016
Call2Recycle’s battery collection exceeded 12.5 million pounds in 2015
According to the battery stewardship organization, its 2015 collections totaled nearly 12.6 million pounds. This…
Battery RecyclingMarch 9th 2016
UK’s battery collection rate falls shy of target in 2015
The latest figures published by the Environment Agency indicate that the battery collection rate by…
Battery RecyclingMarch 4th 2016
Call2Recycle to employ Battery Solutions’ sorting technology
Howell, Michigan-based Battery Solutions has entered into a partnership with Call2Recycle Inc.
Battery RecyclingFebruary 18th 2016
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