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Radel / PPSU (Polyphenylsufone)

Radel / PPSU (Polyphenylsufone)

Radel is a high-performance thermoplastic offering better impact and chemical resistance than polysulfone or polyetherimide (Ultem). Radel has exceptional toughness and outstanding hydrolysis resistance when compared to other thermoplastics as measured by steam autoclaving cycles to failure. Because Radel has the ability to withstand a virtually unlimited number of steam sterilizations; it typically is used for medical devices without loss of dimensional stability or physical properties. Radel also resists common acids and bases—including commercial washing solutions—over a broad temperature range. Its heat deflection temperature is 405° F. Radel is FDA, USDA and USP Class VI compliant.

Radel R resins offer a superior combination of high performance properties that include excellent thermal stability, outstanding toughness, and good environmental stress cracking resistance. These properties make Radel R stock shapes attractive for a variety of demanding applications. The standard color of Radel R is off white, but a transparent grade is available.

Advantages of Radel

Outstanding impact resistance, Resistance to hydrolysis, Transparent grade available, Excellent thermal stability ,Combustion resistance without additives.

RADEL R-5900 and R-5900 MR polyphenylsufone resins offer exceptional hydrolytic stability and toughness that is superior to that of other commercially available, high temperature engineering resins. They offer high deflection temperatures and outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking. The resins are inherently flame retardant and have excellent thermal stability and good electrical properties. In addition to their outstanding engineering properties, these resins also offer relatively low melt viscosities for high flow lengths and greater injection molding ease.

RADEL R-5900 MR is an internally lubricated grade, which offers enhanced mold release. This feature yields the benefits of shorter cycle times and lower injection pressures. RADEL R-5900 MR is particularly well suited for applications where design constraints dictate thin walls, tight tolerances and minimal draft angles. In their unpigmented state, these resins are transparent with an amber color. These resins process readily using conventional equipment and methods.

Grades and Colors

Radel is available in natural (bone white) or custom order in transparent and colors.

Typical applications include sterilization trays, dental and surgical instrument handles and food service trays. It is also suitable for use in electronic assembly equipment and devices that must withstand solder temperatures. Applications Include Dairy connectors, Automotive fuses , Aircraft interior parts ,Sockets and connectors .

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