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Grade LE Phenolic Sheet

Grade LE Phenolic Sheet

Phenolic LE is comprised of laminated sheets of linen fabric bonded with a phenolic resin. Maximum operating temperature is 265F and a flammability rating of UL 94 HB. Phenolic LE is very suitable for mechanical and structural applications. Phenolic Grade LE Linen provides good mechanical & electrical strength. Recommended for intricate high strength parts. Continuous operating temperature 250°F.

A fine weave cotton fabric base phenolic laminate which provides a finer surface texture and better machinability than Grade CE. Grade LE is low in moisture pick-up and dissipation factor, and is excellent in all electrical properties. It can be machined easily and cleanly to very close tolerances, and is recommended for use where there is need for good mechanical properties combined with excellent electrical characteristics.

Phenolic is a hard, dense material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper or fabric, impregnated with a synthetic resin. These phenolics are approx half the weight of aluminum and their physical toughness resists abrasion, friction, impact, and material fatigue. Special properties fight off the corrosive action of water and many chemicals, increasing the service life and efficiency of your product parts. The insulating qualities of each grade, such as low dissipation factor and excellent dielectric strength, make them valuable for many precise electrical and electronic applications. The strength-to-weight ratio of these phenolics make them ideally suited for countless product parts. They are high in tensile, compressive, flexural, and impact strength and possess good working characteristics. They machine quickly and easily. Grade LE is a brown color, fine weave cotton fabric base, weighing not over 4 oz/sp yd. It has good mechanical properties with good resistance, dissipation factor, and other electrical properties. It machines easily and cleanly. Excellent application for fine-tooth gears and other similiar precision parts. It will withstand up to 275° F. Moisture absoprtion rate 1.3%.

Material: Phenolic

Grade: LE Phenolic

Color: Brown

Thickness: .0394 inch

Width: 24 inches

Length: 36 inches

Quantity in Package: 1 pieces


Notes: Colors vary from light brown to dark brown.


Applications for Grade LE include intricate machined parts, radio components, fine gears and pinions, spacers, bushings and rollers.

This grade of Linen LE or L is composed of a continuous cotton woven cloth impregnated with a phenolic resin binder. This grade contains a fine weave linen and, like the canvas phenolic, is known for it's mechanical properties. The finer weave allows for machining more intricate details than Canvas, like gear teeth. This grade is not recommended for primary insulation.

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