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GPO-3 Laminate Sheet

GPO-3 Laminate Sheet

GPO-3 is a glass mat reinforced thermoset polyester molded sheet, which is both arc and track resistant and is highly flame retardant and low-smoke generating. Typical applications for GPO-3 include high-voltage appliance insulators, bus bar supports, and barriers and mounting panels in switchgear, as well as other types of electrical applications.The standard color on this material is red.


GPO3 Glass Polyester Laminate


 GPO3 is a UL recognized product (QMFZ2.E101063) offering excellent track, arc, and flame resistance. It has good mechanical and thermal performance at an affordable price. The low smoke generation and flame spread characteristics make it a preferred choice for transit applications.


NEMA LI-1 Grade, GPO-3 IEC 60893,UP GM 203



Electrical insulation, Track resistance, Self extinguishing UL94 (V-0), Chemical resistance, Low smoke,Low conductivity, Impact and Abrasion resistant, Good mechanical strength.

NEMA grade GPO-2 (red color) and GPO-3 (red color) Glass-Mat Reinforced Polyester - These grades are composed of random mat (non-woven) fiberglass reinforcement held together by a polyester resin binder. (Polyesters are versatile resins which handle much like epoxies. Of course, the basic resins are chemically different. It's their physical application forms which make them similar. Despite lower costs, the important disadvantages of polyesters, as compared with epoxies, is lower adhesion to most substrates, higher polymerization shrinkage, a greater tendency to crack during cure or in thermal shock and greater change of electrical properties in a humid environment). GPO-3 offers both arc and track resistance. (GPO-2 certifies to Mil-I-24768/5 GPO2 and GPO-3 certifies to Mil-I-24768/6 GPO3).

GPO-3 laminate performs well in electrical applications that require high arc and carbon track resistance as well as flame resistance, physical strength, and moderate heat resistance. Grade GPO-3 laminate is used extensively in the making of phase and end barriers, insulating supports, bus bar supports and mounting panels in switchgear and other types of electrical apparatus. Grade GPO-3 is a UL recognized product with a temperature index of 120 degrees celsius electrical and 140 degrees celsius mechanical. Grade GPO-3 is produced in three standard colors: red, black, and white and is molded in thicknesses of 1/32" to 2".

Speciality Grades of Glastic GPO-3 are also produced including grades 1580, UTR1491, UTR1494, and UTR1497. GPO (glass polyester) laminates offer a superior combination of electrical and mechanical properties such as dielectric strength, flame resistance, arc and track resistance, high-flexural strength and high-impact strength. These sheets are fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester. They will not melt under heat and have excellent overall electrical properties. All grades are UL recognized. Our laminates also have superior consistency in thickness, punchability and property control. Add a high degree of quality and cost-effectiveness, and it is no wonder that Glastic laminates are us a leader in composite materials.

Electrical Insulation

All Glastic Composites electrical insulating laminates have inherently good dielectrics. They are engineered to maximize the specific properties required for a wide range of electrical applications.

Flame Resistance

Grades 1580 and UTR are UL-rated V-0. Grade UTR is a halogen-free system that generates very low smoke and smoke toxicity in a fire situation.

Mechanical Strength

Our high-impact fiberglass-reinforced polyester laminates won’t shatter and provide structural support as they insulate. Flexible laminates are available for applications that require a minimum bend radius of 0.75" diameter at 1/32" thickness.

Heat Resistance

Excellent property retention and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. These laminates have UL temperature index ratings from 120ËšC to 210ËšC electrical, and from 130ËšC to 210ËšC mechanical.

Ease of Fabrication

These materials are easily fabricated with standard metalworking equipment. They can be punched, drilled, machined, sheared and sanded. Grade UTR is well known for its ease of fabrication in high-speed machining centers. Grade 1580 punches cleanly and quickly.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to significant property benefits, these laminates offer cost effectiveness over most high-pressure laminates. They outperform the phenolic grades and can often replace the more exotic epoxies and silicones at a considerable cost savings.

Typical applications for the GPO

supports, and barriers and mounting panels in switchgear, as well as other types of electrical applications, Phase and End barriers, Insulating supports, Bus bar supports, Mounting panels in switch gears, Transformers, Antenna bases, Spacers.

GPO-3 Laminate Sheet Pictures


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