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G10 FR-4 Glass Epoxy Round Rod

G10 FR-4 Glass Epoxy Round Rod

G10/FR4 is one of the most versatile, all-around laminate and composite, this grade is a continuous glass woven fabric base impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. It has extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss properties, and good electric strength properties, both wet and dry.

Material - Laminate

Grade - G10/FR-4

Shape - Round Rod

Diameter - 5 inches

Length - 48 inches

Color - Light Green

Notes - Tolerances: Diameter: (-0/+2%) | Length: (+/-1/8)

G-10 FR-4 is a thermosetting industrial fibre glass composite laminate consisting of a continuous filament glass cloth material with an epoxy resin binder. This product, first introduced in the 1950's, has characteristics of high strength, low moisture absorption, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance. These properties are maintained not only at room temperature but also under humid or moist conditions.

G10 laminate sheet is made up with difunctional or trifunctional epoxy making up the bulk of heavy sheet and then using finer glass cloth with high temperature resistant tetra-functional epoxy giving a high performance outer finish.

G10 composite is actually FR4, the Brominated flame retardant version of G 10. The FR 4 material can usually be used where G10 material is specified, however G10 Laminate should not be used where FR-4 is specified.

Another variation of G10 fiberglass sheet is G10 CR laminate used in cryogenic applications.

Both G-10 and FR-4 are rated at 285 degree F continuous operating temperature. Because they are thermosets, no melting will occur with these grades, however charring will be observed after extended periods above this temperature rating. FR-4 has a UL flammability rating of 94 V-0.


High dielectric strength, Radiation resistant, High tensile strength, Low cold flow or creep, Chemically resistant, High flexural strength, Dimensional stability, Low moisture absorption, Low dissipation factor, High impact strength, Cryogenic serviceability.


Electrical equipment, Aerospace conditions, Rocket cases, Antenna insulators, Test boards, End plates, Cryogenic insulation, Solder Frames, Test fixtures, Medical diagnostic, Circuit board holders, Terminal boards, Underwater conditions.

G10 and FR4 Glass-Cloth Reinforced Epoxy — natural color is typically a yellowish to light green. The most versatile all-around laminate grades are continuous glass woven fabric impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. Epoxy resins are among the most versatile and widely used plastics in the electronics field, primarily because water absorption is virtually nil, rendering it an outstanding insulator.

Beyond its electrical insulating properties, epoxy resins exhibit great dimensional stability (shrinkage is usually less than 1 percent) and superior adhesive properties. G10/FR4 has extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss properties, and good electric strength properties, both wet and dry. The main difference between NEMA Grades G10 and FR4 is that FR4 is a fire retardant grade of G10. Therefore, FR4 can be safely substituted where G10 is called for, while G10 can never be substituted where FR4 is called for.

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