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Brazil's Iron Ore Exports Surged in April
The shipments of agglomerated iron ore surged higher by 38.6% in April this year to…
May 21st 2018
U.S. Records 38% Surge in Iron Ore Exports
The U.S. exports of iron ores and concentrates to Canada were valued at $79.67 million.
May 9th 2018
Brazil’s Iron Ore Exports Down 7.5% in Q1 2018
Meantime, the agglomerated ore exports edged higher marginally by 0.7% over Q1 2017 to total…
April 27th 2018
U.S. Exports of Iron Ore and Concentrates Surged 38%
The exports totaled $81.48 million through the first two months of 2018, as compared with…
April 16th 2018
China Iron Ore Imports Dip Slightly in February
The Chinese iron ore imports totaled 84.268 million tonnes in February 2018, slightly higher by…
April 9th 2018
Turkey's Iron Ore Imports Collapsed 11% in January
The non-agglomerated ore imports tumbled sharply by over 25% during the month. The imports dropped…
March 23rd 2018
Iron Ore Imports Surged 86% in India
The primary ore supplier to India in November was Australia. The imports from that country…
March 19th 2018
Iron Ore Imports by Taiwan Records Modest Rise in 2017
Taiwan’s iron ore imports in 2017 totaled 23.673 million tonnes, marginally higher by 0.9% over…
March 13th 2018
Netherlands' Iron Ore Imports Declined 5%
The primary ore supplier to Netherlands in November was Brazil. The imports from Brazil totaled…
March 9th 2018
France Imported 17% More Iron Ore in 2017
The primary supplier of ore to France in 2017 was Brazil. The imports from Brazil…
March 5th 2018
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1 dollar 2010 - Navy Elizabeth II
Melt Value : US$ 13.915
1 dollar 2010 Elizabeth II
Melt Value : US$ 13.915
1 dollar 2008 Elizabeth II
Melt Value : US$ 13.915