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1772-1824 Spanish 8 Escudos Legal Tender NGC-XF

1772-1824 Spanish 8 Escudos Legal Tender NGC-XF
Metal ValueUS$ 1079.614
Gold27.07 Grams90 %US$ 1256.27/ounceUS$ 1079.614
Total metal value of the 1772-1824 Spanish 8 Escudos Legal Tender NGC-XF is USD 1079.614. Total Gold content in the coin is 90% and the Gold value of this coin is USD 1079.614 ,Gold value is claculated with a spot price of USD 1256.27/ounce.
WEIGHT27.07 Grams
1772-1824 Spanish 8 Escudos Legal Tender NGC-XF Details

1772-1824 Spanish 8 Escudos Legal Tender NGC-XF

 Product Description:

This Gold Doubloon Delayed the $20 Gold Double Eagle for 73 Years!

The first U.S. Gold Double Eagles weren't struck until 1849-seventy three years after the Declaration of Independence. So, what took us so long? Well, the Spanish 8 Escudos-the Gold Doubloons of pirate lore-served the same purpose. And because Congress made them legal tender early on, we just didn't need our own $20 gold piece until gold began flowing into the mint from the California Gold Rush. Even so, these hefty gold coins remained legal tender all the way up to 1857! You can now get these big gold coins, weighing nearly an ounce of gold, dated between 1772 and 1832 (dates vary). Just imagine, your coin could have been used to buy fodder for Washington's horse, then paid for a banquet in New York for Washington's Inaugural, and even been used later to buy the white paint used to paint the Presidential Mansion after the British burned it in the War of 1812! How cool is that? Each 8 Escudos grades Extremely Fine (XF) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and comes in a wood presentation case with a story card about the Second Continental Congress and a reprint of a table published in the Journals of the Continental Congress deeming it a legal-tender coin. Hold history in your hands.


Country Origin:   Spain

Composition Type:   Gold

Denomination:   8.00

Grade Type:   XF

Condition Type:   Circulated

Purity:   0.9000

Coin Weight:   27.07 Grams - g

Dimensions:   37 MM

Currency Type:   Escudo