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Part of the Scrap Monster editorial team for the past three years, Anil Mathews has been involved in developing relevant and informative news write-ups on global recycling trade. Proficient in researching information on recycling market trends, Anil keeps track of the latest happenings in and around the industry. Possessing adaptive range of writing styles, Anil's articles pay unique attention to evolving technologies capable of redesigning today's recycling industry. His articles cover recycling business trends and developments, chiefly pertaining to Asian markets.
Articles by Anil Mathews
20th November, 2019: Chinese Scrap Metal Prices Posted Mixed Trend on Index
The price of 304 SS Turning dropped by CNY 50 per MT over the previous…
Scrap PricesNovember 21st 2019
19th November, 2019: Chinese Scrap Metal Prices Recorded Decline on Index
6063 Extrusions witnessed a price decline of CNY 100 per MT over the previous day.
Scrap PricesNovember 20th 2019
ILZSG Refined Zinc Supply and Demand Statistics-May '19
The world zinc mine production rose marginally by 1.4%, mainly on account of notable increase…
ZincJuly 18th 2019
India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Up Drastically in March This Year
According to trade data, India exported $976.43 million worth of gold jewellery in March this…
JewelerMay 1st 2018
India's Silver Imports Surged 34% in February
According to the trade body, the country imported silver bars worth Rs 15.14 crores (USD…
SilverMarch 22nd 2018
GJEPC: Gold Jewellery Exports Almost Doubled in February
India exported $889.59 million worth gold jewellery in February 2018. This represents a big 97%…
SilverMarch 20th 2018
GJEPC: India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Skyrocketed in January
The combined exports of gold jewellery during the initial ten-month period of the current fiscal…
JewelerFebruary 21st 2018
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