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Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #101
Dealers can’t get enough railcars to deliver scrap to the mills. This isn’t a new…
June 23rd 2017
South American Crude Steel Output Growth Halved in May
The cumulative crude steel output by South American countries totaled 17.690 Mt during Jan-May ’17,…
June 23rd 2017
World's Topmost Crude Steel and DRI Producing Countries As of May 2017
The world DRI production during the month of May 2017 totaled 5.133 million metric tons.
June 22nd 2017
International Steel Group Urges Ross To ‘Re-open’ Section 232 Steel Hearing
Chriss argued that the imposition of duties on imports of steel “will most likely result…
June 22nd 2017
World Crude Steel Output  Surged 2% In May
The capacity utilization rate of member countries dropped to 71.8% in May.
June 21st 2017
AIIS Steel Exports Press Release-April 2017
Exports to Mexico decreased 10.3 percent to 333,923 net tons, which was 9.5 percent more…
June 19th 2017
AIIS 232 Financial Appeal Letter
AIIS continues to urgently need your generous assistance to secure the future of the steel…
June 16th 2017
ArcelorMittal inaugurates new finishing line at Longueuil bar mill
As part of modernization program, ArcelorMittal has invested nearly $300 million in the plant since…
June 15th 2017
AIIS Shows Its Voice In Recent WSJ Article: Trump’s Steel-Trapped Minds
The reality is that foreign competition forced the U.S. steel industry to become more efficient.
June 15th 2017
The 232 Steel Investigation: A Self-Initiated Threat to the US Economic Security
The Trump Administration is investigating whether imported steel poses a “threat to U.S. national security.”
June 15th 2017