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Since Jan, 2017
我们公司在生产丁基胶带有10多年的经验。我们拥有现代化的生产,检测设备和专业的工程技术人员,为您提供最合适的技术,最合适的产品和最贴心的服务!更重要的是,我们公司为数百个建设项目和工程单位提供满意的服务,我们周到的服务赢得了许多客户的信赖和赞誉,因此我们逐步建立公司的良好品牌的用户。 此外,我公司一直秉承企业文化的历史,先进的管理理念和管理模式,具有优良的软硬件资源。最重要的是,我们承诺为客户提供一流的产品和服务,提高客户的核心价值。我们真诚愿意与国内外朋友合作,共同打造第一品牌的密封胶带行业! 产品介绍  本公司生产的系列丁基胶粘带制品一样,  单面丁基胶带, …
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Since Mar, 2012
Ecotrade is a leading authorized purchaser of spent catalytic converters and over the last 10 years has built up a huge database of knowledge from which the company has developed a comprehensive catalogue that lists more than 9000 items, and increasing almost daily. In conjunction with this catalogue,…
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Since Jan, 2012
Vision To Be A Global Conglomerate Providing Software And Engineering Services To Be An Organisation Of Medium Level Capacity With A Brand Name Of Its Own Mission: Using The Current Trend Of Glocalisation As Our Field Of Operation We Intend To Provide Our Customers With The Best That Technology Can…
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Since Nov, 2011
Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of Copper cathode, Alluvial Gold Dust, Copper Cathodes, Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets
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Since Jan, 2011
Franchise minerals limited is particularly engaged in sales,buying, import and export of minerals, manufacturing, mineral, agro-allied exploration and exploitation, mining consulting(Geological mapping ,pitting ,bore holing), mining engineering, hiring and sale of mining equipment, assaying and sourcing…
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