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Anil Mathews
Anil Mathews
  • Author since
  • : May 08, 2013
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  • : articles@scrapmonster.com


Part of the Scrap Monster editorial team for the past three years, Anil Mathews has been involved in developing relevant and informative news write-ups on global recycling trade. Proficient in researching information on recycling market trends, Anil keeps track of the latest happenings in and around the industry. Possessing adaptive range of writing styles, Anil's articles pay unique attention to evolving technologies capable of redesigning today's recycling industry. His articles cover recycling business trends and developments, chiefly pertaining to Asian markets.
Articles by Anil Mathews
Seizure of gold at Indian airport reduced to half in 2016
The sharp decline in seizure incidents is mainly on account of the Indian government’s decision…
GoldJanuary 23rd 2017
Kaloti Precious Metals-Morning Market Report-Monday, January 23, 2017
Egypt Looks for Gold Tenders Success as Two Companies Won’t Bid.
GoldJanuary 23rd 2017
UAE to invest US$ 200 million to boost electronics recycling
The venture named Attero-Tadwir-E would be UAE’s largest e-waste recycling facility.
E-waste RecyclingJanuary 20th 2017
Market Update- 19th Jan, 2017: Chinese copper scrap prices see marginal rise on Index
The Chinese copper scrap prices increased marginally on Thursday, January 19th.
Scrap PricesJanuary 20th 2017
India's gold jewellery exports jump 35% in December
The country's gold jewellery exports surged higher significantly during December '16, says the latest monthly…
JewelerJanuary 19th 2017
Kaloti Precious Metals-Morning Market Report-Thursday, January 19, 2017
China Investors See Comfort in Gold ETF Amid Capital Flight.
GoldJanuary 19th 2017
Steel scrap prices up 80% amidst drop in domestic demand, says Japan
The oversupply by China had kept the scrap prices under check through the spring of…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 18th 2017
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