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Copper Scrap ISRI Code : Birch

No.2 Copper Wire Scrap

No.2 Copper Wire Scrap shall consist of miscellaneous, clean, unalloyed copper wire having a nominal 96% copper content.

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What Is No.2 Copper Wire Scrap?

No.2 Copper Wire Scrap shall consist of miscellaneous, clean, unalloyed copper wire having a nominal 96% copper content. It shall not consist of hair wire and burnt wire which is brittle. Any wire that has excessive oils on it is also not allowed. Furthermore, it must be reasonably free of ash.


ISRI Specification

According to the latest Scrap Specifications Circular 2017 released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), No.1 Copper Wire Scrap is categorized under the ISRI Code ‘Birch’.

Become familiar with codes for different materials, read the complete list of ISRI Scrap Materials Specifications.


No.2 Copper Wire Scrap Price

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Where can we sell No.2 Copper Wire Scrap?

No.2 Copper Wire Scrap can be sold at any local scrap yard. However, please note that it is priced less than No.1 Copper Wire.

Given below are the names of a few scrap yards in the US that accept No.2 Copper Wire Scrap.

  1. Nola Trading, Metairie, Louisiana.
  2. Cannon Iron & Metal Inc., Hartly, Delaware.
  3. PC Metals, Inc., Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  4. Xtreme Recycling, Mesa, Arizona.

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Want to sell large quantities of No.2 Copper Wire Scrap?

Any wire that is plated will fall into this classification of copper wire scrap. This category of copper wire scrap can be identified based on the percentage of copper that can be recovered from it, once stripped. No.2 Copper Wire Scrap generally recovers between 50% and 70% copper. Wires with more than 70% recovery rate are classified as No.1 Copper Wire Scrap. The copper recovery rate has a direct influence on wire scrap pricing.

The processed scrap from scrap yards in large quantities are transported to customers around the world, primarily via ships.

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