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Back to Scrap Laws Massachusetts Metal Scrap Statute
Current as of April 4, 2013

The State Metals Theft Laws summaries are not intended to provide or be relied as a legal advice. This material is provided to serve as a reasonable compilation of the most current state scrap laws and is intended to be a resource or supplement to, and provide ideas for, compliance with all applicable laws. The ISRI State Scrap Laws are subject to change and readers should visit http://www.isri.org/metalstheftdb to make certain they are reading the most recent version of ISRI's summaries of the State Metals Theft Laws
Overview of Provisions (use the section titles to travel directly to that section)

Please Note: General requirements for Junk Dealers are given in Chapter 140; requirements for purchases of copper line wire or scrap copper wire are given in Chapter 266.


Cities and town may provide for licensing of suitable persons to be collectors of, dealers in or keepers of shops for the purchase, sale or barter of junk, old metals or second hand articles, may make rules and regulations relative to their business, and may provide for the supervision thereof. Societies, associations or corporations organized solely for religious or charitable purposes and their agents shall not be required to pay a fee for licenses. Exempts the purchase, sale or barter of books, prints, coins or postage stamps. There are special licensing rules for Automobile Graveyards.


Recordkeeping - Copper

Persons in the business of purchasing copper line wire or scrap copper wire shall record:

  • A description of the items purchased;
  • The quantity purchased;
  • The purchase price;
  • The Seller's name and address.
Inspection - Copper

Copper purchase records shall be open at all times to the inspection of the chief of police of the city or town, any other officer having similar duties, or any officer authorized by either of them, or a state police officer.


Violators of the Recordkeeping - Copper provision shall be punished by a fine of not more than $50.

Acting as a dealer in junk, old metals or second hand articles without a license is punishable by a $20 fine.

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