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Danny's Dumpster
120 Hardesty Lane , Asheville, North Carolina, United States

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About Yard

In 2007, Danny Keaton began hauling trash and recycling in the back of a 1985 Toyota van for residents in Madison County with the laid back motto "Danny's Dumpster - You Make It, We Take It". But when green legislation passed in North Carolina in 2008, requiring businesses with alcoholic beverage permits to recycle their bottles, he realized that the future of trash lay in responsible disposal not mass disposal. His wife, Natalie, began work with the business that year as their own family also began to grow. In 2009, Danny started hauling compostable waste in addition to recycling and trash, and in 2012 started a compost processing facility to to help divert large volumes of materials from area landfills while also creating a quality by-product of finished compost and topsoil. This new service, as well as grants from the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, helped to establish Danny's Dumpster as a green industry and set it apart from large scale waste haulers in the area. To reflect these changes, the business motto evolved into, "Danny's Dumpster - Reducing Waste, Renewing Resources". As the business continues to grow, thanks in large part to the integrity and commitment of our customers; as well as our incredibly loyal and hard-working crew, our mission becomes more fully realized: "Working towards a waste free WNC be enabling, educating and inspiring people to dispose responsibly and reduce waste through composting and recycling." Thank you for helping us make it happen!


Danny's Dumpster specializes in waste reduction while striving to make environmentally responsible decisions both affordable and convenient.From set-up to pick-up we're continually working to improve your
disposal service- washing containers and using compostable bags, streamlining pick-ups, educating customers and brainstorming solutions to unique waste problems.


  • All inclusive pick-up - Cost effective and convenient, this service streamlines your waste hauling, maximizing compost and recycle efforts and minimizing what gets sent to the landfill.
  • Compost only pick-up - Satisfied with your current waste hauler? Then let us take away just your compostables and see if it doesn't dramatically decrease what you send to the landfill and the costs associated with it.
  • Event pick-up - We will set up and maintain compost, recycle and trash collection areas at your event, hauling it away and leaving your space cleaner than when we arrived.


Danny's Dumpster operates its own compost processing facility in Asheville, closing the loop on a system that takes food scraps out of the kitchen and puts them back to work in the earth. Nutrient rich topsoil from locally collected materials is available now in a variety of blends and quantities.


It's just one little can. One little can can't change the world." Ever heard that? That one little can is energy, water, pollution savings, jobs and more money for your home town to spruce up, perk up and stand up. It's not what it can't do, but what it can do... for you!

All over North Carolina, people just like you are employed, pay taxes, spend money and invest in their communities thanks to recycling. The stuff you recycle means that 13,000 North Carolinians have a job and that means money for the economy.

Plus, recycling helps to lower emissions of smog-forming gases. It's the number one thing you can do to help curb climate change, the effects of asthma and red level alert days.

Recycling Facts

  • Only half of aluminum cans are recycled despite a statewide disposal ban on the material. Other items banned from disposal in North Carolina landfills include whole tires, appliances (white goods), yard waste, lead acid batteries, used oil and antifreeze.
  • North Carolinians recycle 85.4 pounds of materials a second. That’s impressive! But we throw away more than 752 pounds of trash a second. That’s almost nine times what we recycle.
  • Construction and demolition is the largest waste stream in the state, accounting for about 32 percent of all disposed waste. Recycling facilities are being developed around the state for these materials. Habitat for Humanity operates “Re-Stores” in some North Carolina communities, accepting donations and selling reusable construction materials.
  • NC throws away about 270 million dollars worth of recyclable goods each year.
  • Aluminum and glass companies rely heavily on secondary materials for their product, and many plastics manufacturers also depend on recovered material.
  • Ultimately, the major industrial sectors would suffer severe difficulties if the supply of recycled materials suddenly disappeared.
  • Recycling in North Carolina is a job creator and a growing part of our state’s economy. Recycling employs more than 14,000 North Carolinians and recycling jobs have increased about 48 percent in the last ten years.
  • In 1994, our state had 306 recycling companies. In 2004, we had 532 recycling businesses in North Carolina, a 74 percent rise in only ten years. That means more materials are being recovered, more jobs are being created, and more money is flowing through our economy – all because of recycling!
Company Services
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
  • Steel Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
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120 Hardesty Lane
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
ZIP: 28805

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