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Michael Marley
Michael Marley
  • Contributor since
  • : June 23, 2016
  • Contact information
  • : mmarley@wsemgroup.com


Michael Marley is the vice president of World Steel Exchange Marketing (WSEM).
Articles by Michael Marley
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #101
Dealers can’t get enough railcars to deliver scrap to the mills. This isn’t a new…
Steel NewsJune 23rd 2017
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #72
Plump, well-cooked turkeys and Black Friday shopping sprees may be the main attraction this week,…
Top StoriesNovember 23rd 2016
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #71
U.S. steelmakers are facing new challenges from their foreign rivals, but it doesn’t involve unfairly…
Top StoriesNovember 16th 2016
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #69
Scrap dealers, emboldened by the recent increases in domestic sheet steel prices and reports that…
Top StoriesNovember 2nd 2016
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #68
Ferrous scrap prices have found a floor, according to two steel executives, and that has…
Top StoriesOctober 27th 2016
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #67
The uncertainty about scrap supplies and demand has generated a mixed short term outlook. Some…
Top StoriesOctober 20th 2016
Mike Marley’s Shredded Power #66
Ferrous scrap prices plummeted in most regions of the country last week. As expected, industrial…
Top StoriesOctober 13th 2016
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