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1226.30 +0.59999999999991
COMEX Silver
15.503 --0.042999999999999
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1102.74 0.00
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52959 Photo
Lew Handlin @52959
19 Jul 2018
before you unload ask what they pay. prices are way out of line. in tampa 55cents more per pound. if it wasn't on scale I wouldn't have accepted it. #2 cooper 1.85 in tampa 2.40 won't be going back
Tong liu @39748
19 Jul 2018
Dear all, we are one lead recycling company located in Dakar,Senegal. Currently are seeking for lead scraps/battery scraps. Having been granted with the import permit, we are totally eligible to handle with hazardous wastes Will be purchasing on large quantities, real and intereted sell contact whatsapp 221784849223, or l.tong5046@gmail.com thanks
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