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Group Leader - Clean Tech in Plastipak
  • Responsibility and authority as outlined in the Quality Manual, Operational Procedures and all Instruction Manuals.

  • Functions within ISO/Team environment effectively.

  • Responsible for the safety of all personnel and overall housekeeping in group.

  • Ensures products are in accordance with the customer specified requirements.

  • Reports on the effectiveness and performance of the production activities to the Shift Lead, Production Supervisor, and Production Manager in a complete and timely manner.

  • Ensures that the Plants Quality Policy, Operational Procedures and High Standards of Workmanship are maintained at all times.

  • Resolves machinery and quality problems in the production area.

  • Monitors changeovers, productivity and scrap.

  • Trains, organizes, assigns and ensures the staffing of personnel according to the production schedule.

  • Responsible for the scheduling and relief of personnel for breaks, and lunches, and other work as needed.


  • Inspects line set-ups and continuously monitors operations and supplies.
  • Verifies that correct raw materials are being used and delivered to lines on time.

  • Follows and enforces company and local work rules, safety rules, policies and work instructions.

  • Initial employee relations representative.

  • Leads weekly meetings.

  • Acts as back-up to Shift Leader.

  • Controls costs in the areas of quality, efficiency, downtime and scrap.

  • Works in a safe and efficient manner at all times.

  • Miscellaneous related duties as assigned.


  • Related B.S./B.A. degree or related experience.
  • Experience in a manufacturing facility

  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills as demonstrated by local testing, transcripts, and/or references.

  • Excellent inter-personal skills as demonstrated in the context of the interview process and verifiable references.

  • Strong written communication skills as demonstrated by testing, transcripts, or other designated methods.

  • Strong supervisory skills verifiable through references.

  • Must have a GED or high school diploma.

  • Must have a valid driver license.

PositionGroup Leader - Clean Tech
Job Category Management
Industry TypePlastic Manufacturing
Location of Job Dundee, MI
Last Date to Apply08 December 2016
Desired Candidate's Profile

Plastipak Packaging is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic rigid containers of the highest quality. Plastipak supports manufacturing operations throughout the United States, South America and Europe.

A Business Based on Ethical Standards

Plastipak operates by meeting expectations for ethical conduct as well as financial goals — all without compromising its integrity. Indeed, we have built a global business culture based on honor, openness and inclusion.As Plastipak expanded to include locations on three continents, respect for human dignity has remained fundamental to how the company conducts its business. We actively participate in the communities in which Plastipak associates work and live.With suppliers and customers in agreement, Plastipak works to meet high conservation standards while enhancing the health and safety of its employees and communities.Plastipak has aligned both its business and sustainability practices to create a culture of inclusion for associates throughout the company's international operations.

Supportive Environment

The Workplace
Plastipak's most important resource is our associates.
Plastipak operates with an appreciation for individual contributions and innovation. Plastipak associates contribute to:

  • Maintaining high performance in order to achieve outstanding customer service
  • Designing innovative products positioning Plastipak as a global leader in packaging
  • Improving communities where Plastipak has a presence

Plastipak does the following for associates:

  • Pays fair wages based on industry standards
  • Offers benefits such as health insurance, life insurance and paid vacations
  • Provides a safe work environment
  • Relates fairly and honestly with associates
  • Complies with the minimum age laws in all countries where it conducts business
  • Complies with all laws supporting workplace diversity

Open Communication

Mutually respectful and trusting relationships require open communication. Each associate must feel free to communicate opinions, share ideas and resolve problems in an environment that encourages and promotes opportunities for success and professional growth.Plastipak actively promotes open and honest communication as demonstrated by the company's “Open Line Communication System.” This system allows an associate to ask a question or voice a concern confidentially via the Corporate Talent Management Department.

Our Global Initiatives Thrive on Effective Management

As global producers of plastic containers, we have a responsibility from design to disposal to meet sustainability demands. Our sustainability initiatives are guided by a Bottle to Bottle approach to recycling.Plastipak holds itself accountable to stakeholders to run operations in an environmentally friendly manner for current and future generations. We have made that goal an inseparable part of our business plan.

Protecting the Environment

The impact of climate change and the threat to the environment from pollutants are too big to ignore, and Plastipak is doing everything possible to protect the future of the planet.The company is committed to social responsibility for environmental guardianship and its leadership in sustainability. Plastipak is meeting the goals set by the company's formal conservation plan.

Under this plan Plastipak has initiated a program to reduce compressed air leakage throughout all of our U.S. operations, achieve greater fuel economy, reduce volatile emissions and expand lightweighting programs to reduce the amount of plastic in each container. Plastipak engineers its source materials, technologies, transportation, distribution and recycling scenarios to fit customer sustainability requirements as well. 

Sustainability Means Engagement

Engagement is important to Plastipak. By engaging the hearts and minds of associates, Plastipak creates unique and sustainable packaging solutions for its customers. Consumers and corporations alike must be engaged in order to sustain the planet's resources.Such unified engagement has powerful, long-reaching effects. Participation in conservation initiatives has a positive impact on the economic, human and natural environments. 

A Modern Recycling Facility

Clean Tech's recycling processes focus on the effective management of the life cycle of plastic containers. Clean Tech’s highly qualified engineers design unique technologies to maximize plastic’s beneficial features throughout a product's life cycle and its subsequent lives as recycled material.

Clean Tech engineers follow company directives to reduce material use and weight, where feasible, which in turn yields lower energy and transportation costs. High material production standards are always met to ensure that recycled materials can stand up to quality package demands for maintaining product freshness.

Making Good Use of Recycled Materials

Plastipak uses the inherent resilience of plastics as a key resource for developing sensible, environmentally-friendly packaging lines.Plastics are flexible, durable and endlessly recyclable, permitting limitless use and reuse. The recyclable nature of plastics opens the way for Plastipak to construct its manufacturing to help reclaim bottles rather than only creating new plastics.Clean Tech provides the critical component of this system with its capability of recycling HDPE and PET bottles to produce highly useful post consumer materials.

We Reuse Our Own Recycled Materials
Plastipak's commitment to using renewable and recyclable materials along with reduced content is at the heart of its sustainability initiative. The company manufactures an array of containers for both food and non-food products using recycled plastic produced by Clean Tech. For instance, Clean Tech recycled material replaces at least 10% of the plastic content for a line of beverage bottles.

ExperienceExperience in a manufacturing facility
QualificationRelated B.S./B.A. degree or related experience.
Contact Details
Contact NameHR
Contact Emailerecruiting[at]plastipak.com
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