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World trade agency
1000 Amador St, San Francisco, CA 94124, United States, San Francisco, California, United States

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About Yard

We are dealers in both metal and plastic scrap, such as PC Water Bottle Regrind, PVC Window Profile Regrind, Pet Film Roll, PA66 Airbag Bale, HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap, HDPE Blue Drum Scrap, PC Water Bottle scrap, Pet bottle scrap, Pet bottle Flake, LDPE Film Roll, Aluminum UBC, Aluminum Wheel Scrap, Aluminum 6063, Copper Wire Scrap, Copper Cathode, HDPE Milk Bottle Scrap, HDPE Blue Drum Scrap, PC Water Bottle scrap, Pet bottle scrap, Pet bottle Flake, LDPE Film Roll.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
2#1 insulated (75%)
3#1 insulated (90%)
4#1 Stainless Steel
5#2 Coated Copper Wire (50% recovery)
617-4 Stainless Steel
718 stainless steel
898% Copper
9Aluminum Auto Wheels
10Aluminum Bearing Steel(smelter ready)
12Aluminum Beverage Cans
14Stainless Steel
16UBC (Cans)
17UBC (Cans) ( Aluminium )
18UBC/Aluminum Cans
19#1 & # 2 Plastic
20#1 dealer bundles
21#1 PETE Plastic
22#1 PETE Plastic Bottles
23#2 HDPE Plastic Bottles
24#3 PVC Plastic Bottles
25#4 LDPE Plastic Bottles
26#5 PP Plastic Bottles
27#6 Plastic Cups
28#6 PS Plastic Bottles
29#7 Others Plastic Bottles
30ABS Plastic
31ABS Regrind (MIX Color)
32Agricultural Plastics
33Air Care Packaging
34Athenos Packaging
35Automotive Bumpers
36Baby Food Pouches
37Bank Cards
38Bear Naked Packaging
39Bubble Wrap (Reuse)
40Bulky Rigid
42Cardboard, baled
43Cardboard, loose
44Cardboard, small bales
45CD/DVD Cases
46Cereal Bags
47Cheese Packaging
48Cheese Plastic Wrapping
49Cleaner Packaging
50Clear PET
51Coated paper
52Coloured/ mixed PET
53Commercial clear Film
54Commingled containers
55Copy Machine (Big)
56Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs
57CRV Clean & Dry Plastic Without Caps
59CRV Plastic #3
60CRV Plastic #4
61CRV Plastic #5
62CRV Plastic #6
63CRV Plastic #7
64Dairy Tubs
65Diaper Packaging
66Dropps Laundry Pouches
67Expanded Polystyrene Packaging (EP ...
68Extruded Polystyrene
69Fishing Line
70Food Storage Bags
71Gast Tanks
72Gift Cards
73Glass Bottle(C.R.V.)
74GPPS Lumps (Natural)
75GPPS Regrind (Natural)
77HDPE Bottle (MIX Color)
78HDPE Bottle (Natural)
79HDPE Film (MIX Color)-From Prod
80HDPE Film (Natural)-From Prod
81HDPE plastic
82HDPE Plastic (#2)
83HDPE Plastic Commingled
84HDPE Plastic CRV
85HDPE Regrind (MIX Color)
86HI GRADE PAPER-color/coated
87HI GRADE PAPER-white ledger / computer
88HIPS Regrind (MIX Color)
89Hummus Packaging
90LDPE 80 / 20 Film
91LDPE 90 / 10 Film
92LDPE 95 / 05 Film
93LDPE 98 / 02 Film
94LDPE Film (Natural)-From Prod
95LDPE Plastic (#4)
96LLDPE Film (Natural)
97Lunch Kits
98Margarine Tubs
99Milk Containers
100Misc. Machine
101Miscellaneous Shredder Feed (paper )
102Mixed Film
103Mixed plastic bottles
104Nespresso Capsules
105Newspaper( Clean &Dry )
106Office paper
107Office Phones
108Other Plastic (#7)
109Packing Peanut (Reuse)
111Paper Shredding
112PC Regrind (MIX Color)
113PET Lumps (Natural)
114PET Regrind from bottle
115PET 70 / 30 Bottle - Europe
116PET 70 / 30 Bottle - US
117PET Fibre
118PETE plastic
119PETE Plastic Commingled
120PETE Plastic CRV
122Plant Trays, Pots & Tags
123Plastic #1 (PETE)
124Plastic #2 (HDPE)
125Plastic #2 HDPE
126Plastic #3 (PVC)
127Plastic #4 (LDPE)
128Plastic #5 (Polypropylene)
129Plastic #6 (Polystyrene)
130Plastic #7
131Plastic (CRV) PET #1
132Plastic (PET)
133Plastic Beverage Containers
134Plastic Bottle Caps
135Plastic Bottles CRV
137Plastic Drums
138Plastic Film
139Plastic foam
140Plastic juice/food pouches
141Plastic Shopping Bags
142Plastic wrapping
143Plastics (Other)
144Polyethylene Foam (PE)
145Polythene (LDPE) high grade 98/2
146Polythene (LDPE) low grade 80/20
148PP Film (Natural)-From Prod.
149PP Plastic (#5)
150PP Regrind (Natural)
151Pro-type Parts
152PS Plastic (#6)
154PVC - 30/35%
155PVC - 45/55%
156PVC - 60/65%
157PVC - 70%+
158PVC - All In clean
159PVC Blister (Natural)
160PVC Plastic (#3)
161PVC Soft (MIX Color)
162PVC Soft (Natural)
163Residential Cardboard Drop-off
164Rigid Plastics
165Single Stream:Residential & Commercial
166Snack Pouches
167Soda cans
168Tape Dispensers
169Tooth Care Packaging
170Virgin Plastic Pellets
171Water bottles
172White best paper
173White Paper
174Yogurt Pots
Company Services
  • Metal Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
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1000 Amador St, San Francisco, CA 94124, United States
San Francisco, California
United States
ZIP: 94124

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